Can CBD help animals fight anxiety on New Year's Eve?

Can CBD help animals fight anxiety on New Year's Eve?

Animal anxiety is a topic that animal health professionals are beginning to seriously address. 

In fact, our furry companions are just as subject to different emotional states as we humans are. Also, their emotional state can change depending on environmental factors and there are ways to help them by calming them down and avoiding major anxiety attacks.

If you have pets, you know that during holiday seasons, especially New Year's Eve or July 14, fireworks make them very anxious.

CBD is one of the most effective natural remedies to help pets combat anxiety during celebrations like New Year's Eve or July 14. 

Thanks to its therapeutic components, CBD works by calming muscle and brain tension in animals (just like humans), thus preventing them from having major seizures.

Let's look in detail at how CBD works on animals and how to properly use it for optimal effectiveness.

What is CBD?

First of all, what is CBD? 

CBD, cannabidiol by its full name, is a component found in the hemp plant. More specifically, it is an active molecule present in certain varieties of cannabis and has therapeutic elements in its composition. In fact, CBD is non-psychoactive and helps relieve many symptoms, including chronic pain, internal inflammation and depression.

CBD does not alter the state of consciousness of its users in any way and does not produce an addictive effect, as confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO). In France, CBD concentrated products are legally marketed in online CBD stores like 321 CBD. These products derived from cannabis but containing only CBD are also called cannabis light. These products include flowers, wax, resin, e-liquids, edibles but most importantly CBD oil.

What is CBD oil

CBD oil is the flagship product of CBD that has helped it become popular. CBD oil is simply an extract from the cannabis plant that contains CBD in high doses, but also other components. There are several products in the CBD oil category: full spectrum CBD oil, broad spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate. Check out their difference in our article on the difference between full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate.

Why do animals get anxious during the holidays?

During the holidays, fireworks are the main source of stress for animals that are not used to its sounds.

Loud fireworks are often a trigger for canine panic disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. More than just a fear reaction, these disorders can cause the animal to urinate unexpectedly, defecate, vocalize, salivate, or tremble. Also, they may either show increased motor activity or conversely decreased motor activity or muscle freezing with escape behaviors. 

The animal is completely confused and therefore becomes very anxious.

In addition, the anxiety you experience yourself or even the noise that children make can also trigger anxiety in pets.

What's going on in the body,

These moments of panic occur because of the fight-or-flight response that happens in the body. When you, or your pet, respond to stress related to external stressors, the sympathetic nervous system activates, due to the sudden release of hormones. 

These hormones trigger the release of adrenaline and norepinephrine, which leads to an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing. 

It can take up to an hour for the body to return to normal after the threat has passed, which is why many dogs continue to panic long after the fireworks have ended.

Is CBD safe for animals?

While research on CBD oil is still new, several human studies confirm that it is a viable treatment method for a number of medical conditions.

It should be noted that the human endocannabinoid system involved in CBD processing in the body is the same for all mammals. This information suggests that studies done in humans can also be used in dogs.

In addition, dogs have twice as many receptors as people, which means CBD and other cannabinoids are much more effective on them.

Veterinary researchers are optimistic that because CBD oil is proving to be an effective treatment for humans, future studies on dogs will show similar results.

Many scientific studies have been done on animals, including dogs and attest to the benefits of administering CBD to those for various medical reasons.

The University of Colorado is very interested in the subject. It conducts many studies, for example a scientific study claiming the reduction of epilepsy in dogs thanks to CBD, another that studies the effects of CBD on canine osteoarthritis or a study looking at the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD on the enzymatic system (pancreas) of mice. In total, there are more than two dozen studies by veterinary researchers and available here.

How to use CBD for your pets.

The leading product that can help your pet with anxiety is CBD oil. It is the simplest and easiest product to use and will work immediately on your pet.

What dosage of CBD for your pet?

Despite what you might think, CBD dosage has very little to do with your dog's size and weight. Some dogs have a more sensitive endocannabinoid system than others, so the optimal dose of CBD may vary from dog to dog.

For noise and fireworks anxiety, we suggest a dose of 9 mg prior to the triggering event. Then, if your pet is still anxious after 15-20 minutes, you can administer another 9mg until you see results.

If your dog doesn't seem to be responding to the initial dose, it's perfectly safe to give him more without fear of overdosing. Overdosing is impossible unless you reach very large amounts that you surely don't have.

How to administer CBD for your pet.

For faster absorption, it is best to administer CBD oil sublingually (directly into the mouth) without food. This method helps deliver the compound to the bloodstream faster, thus helping with anxiety and other ailments more quickly.

If you prefer a slower, more gradual absorption, you can also add CBD oil to your pet's food. The effect will be more muted, but your pet won't notice any difference.

How long does CBD take effect on animals?

Every dog reacts differently to CBD oil, and we encourage you to start slowly. Always observe your dog after giving him a new supplement for the first time. In general, here are the times of effectiveness:

  • 20 to 60 minutes for sublingual administration

  • 45 to 90 minutes if you added the CBD to the pet's food

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