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Joselita: the first French rosé wine with CBD that is already targeting the international market

Two brothers from Colomiers, had the idea but especially the audacity, to make a rosé wine with CBD, the second most naturally occurring molecule of hemp, belonging to the cannabinoid family. After the invention of the first red wine in Bordeaux, at the beginning of 2021, then the Amazing in Millau, it is the turn of Joselita to enter the market with a first production that provides 6000 bottles.

An unusual and inspired drink

Sullivan Rambaud, 32, considers himself an epicurean who has had the chance to travel a lot and taste wines from all over the world. As for his younger brother, Maxence Rambaud, 30, an employee in the aeronautics industry and a CBD enthusiast, he admits to having sensed that the market would soon expand greatly.

Considering that the CBD market is a very important one, he is not afraid to try it.

However, it was their grandmother, who has a habit of drinking a glass of rosé wine a day and has done so for years, that gave them the trigger. Their grandmother has a lot of pain due to various cancers, which is why Sullivan and Maxence wanted to seize the opportunity of the democratization of CBD and its booming market to introduce their grandparents to the benefits of this molecule through rosé wine, which many of them enjoy. Thus, these two young entrepreneurs launched their start-up Kaanaï, near Toulouse, in order to be able to offer cannabidiol-based wine for sale. Their goal was to combine the taste and pleasure of enjoying a good rosé wine with the relaxing virtues of hemp.

A fundraising campaign for an organic, 100% legal product

The Rambaud brothers decided to partner with a family-owned Languedoc Roussillon estate that wishes to remain anonymous, to create Joselita, thanks to a rosé wine recipe based on Grenache and Cinsault grapes, coupled with hemp grown on an organic French farm. A 0.75cl bottle contains 12.5% alcohol and 0% THC.

The drink will be made available to restaurant professionals, CBD store managers as well as wine merchants but you can pre-order some on the internet via the Kisskissbankbank platform, on which the start-up launched its successful fundraising campaign. Their goal was to reach the 3000 euros of donations and it was the case in only three weeks. The project touches all generations and investors are cheerful.

All this bodes well for Kaanai, which is not afraid of competition. As proof, red and white wine variants should arrive by the end of the year and international export is planned for 2022.

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