The expansion of CBD in the cosmetics industry

CBD is popular in all its forms and is even used in cosmetics! In creams, serums, gels or even hair oils, CBD also brings benefits to the skin and hair. As a result, as many big brands have set their sights on CBD, but also new companies have chosen it to enter the market. In this article, we talk about the expansion of CBD in the cosmetics industry.

How is CBD incorporated into cosmetic products?

CBD should not be confused with hemp oil. Both are derived from hemp, but not from the same part of this plant. They are therefore extracted differently and will not have the same properties. However, both are used in cosmetics, sometimes together, sometimes separately. The legislation too is not the same for these two products.

Natural CBD extraction

Hemp oil is a vegetable oil produced from hemp seeds. These will be collected then dried, sorted and cleaned. Finally, they will be cold pressed to produce oil. This technique allows the properties of hemp and its nutrients to be retained. It can be used on its own in cooking, in cosmetics or as a neutral base for food.

As for CBD oil, it is also derived from hemp, not from the seeds, but directly from the plant. To obtain it, the flowers, leaves and stems where the cannabinoids are contained are used. There are several methods for recovering the cannabinoids and separating them from each other. Each manufacturer uses its own technique, the main thing is that in the end the CBD obtained contains a legal THC content. In France, it must be less than 0.2%.

Thus, hemp oil and CBD oil are not produced in the same way despite being from the same plant. The most important difference is the content of active ingredients in each of these oils, especially cannabinoids which are only contained in CBD oil. Hemp oil therefore does not contain them as they are not present in the seeds.

The development of cosmetics

Both hemp oil and CBD oil are used in cosmetics. They allow either nutrients or active ingredients to be added. Hemp oil has mainly vitamins, proteins, saturated fatty acids and minerals. As for CBD oil, it necessarily contains CBD, but it can also contain other cannabinoids to have a complete spectrum. The objective of combining several cannabinoids is to increase their benefits tenfold by creating an entourage effect.

These two oils are used in creams, massage oils, serums, skincare, hair oils, shampoos, hair masks or even sports gels. The production of beauty products enriched with these oils has become increasingly popular. Hemp oil can be used like any other vegetable oil, while CBD oil adds specific benefits to these products. They can also be added separately or together.

What is the benefit of CBD in cosmetics?

Cosmetic brands are constantly looking for new actives and ingredients to develop novel products. At the moment, naturalness is particularly prized by customers and represents a major quality that many wish to highlight. With a view to offering ranges that are more respectful of the environment, animals and our bodies, companies are looking into all the new natural solutions possible. Hemp and CBD oil are among them, they too are of great interest to the cosmetics and beauty industry.

The properties of hemp oil

Hemp oil is used to enrich beauty products and provide them with more nutrients. In particular, it contains vitamin E and carotene, both of which have a beneficial anti-oxidant action to prevent cell aging. The two other vitamins contained in this oil are B1 and B2, which also promote cell regeneration. Still linked to the cells, the omega-3 and omega-6 saturated fatty acids protect and nourish the skin in depth.

In the composition of hemp oil, there are also hemp proteins that will bring a glow to tired skin. In addition, there are minerals such as phosphorus, potassium and magnesium that balance the skin's natural pH. All these nutrients in hemp oil make it a quality ingredient. To keep its properties to the maximum, it should not be heated.

Hemp oil can be found in beauty products whose aim is to nourish and protect the skin and hair. To go further, it is also used to give an anti-oxidant and therefore anti-ageing action to creams, serums and care products to be applied to the face.

The virtues of CBD oil

CBD oil is a bit more complex than hemp oil. Brands use it to target specific ailments and not just to enrich a product. In addition, the presence of cannabinoids in a beauty product prevents it from being used by everyone, e.g. children, pregnant and breastfeeding people are not recommended to use them. On the other hand, incorporating CBD into this type of product is a good way to make it more accessible and diversify its use.

In France, the properties of CBD oil are not yet recognised. However, many users and clinical tests prove that it is possible to feel certain effects, both by ingesting it and by applying a product containing it. Among them, we find the anti-inflammatory action which is particularly highlighted by the brands of the cosmetic industry. Incorporated into a cream, for example, CBD oil helps to fight against skin problems such as acne. Similarly, in a gel, it can facilitate muscle recovery when applied after intense effort. Like hemp oil, CBD oil also has an anti-oxidant action. It could therefore be added to beauty products to give them an anti-ageing effect.

Why CBD is an opportunity for cosmetics

Although it is important to differentiate between hemp oil and CBD oil, it is impossible not to recognise the benefits they can bring to the cosmetic industry. They do not serve the same purpose at all, yet they can be found in many beauty products today. Vis-à-vis CBD, it is an active that has caused a small revolution as it brings specific and unique properties that were previously not allowed by other ingredients.

CBD oil is therefore a great opportunity for brands. It allows them to create new natural ranges and to ride a trend that at the moment does not seem to be losing momentum. Current legislation allows the use of CBD in cosmetics in the form of oil or natural extract. Since it is an active ingredient that has become popular very recently, it is possible that regulations will change in the future. Despite this, there are no a priori contraindications that would indicate that CBD will one day be banned in cosmetics.

Thereby, brands have many interests to look into the use of CBD or hemp in their products. They are both very interesting natural ingredients that can provide many properties.

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