The guide to boosting your immune system before winter

As the winter season approaches and begins on 21 December, temperatures continue to drop and viruses are also beginning to show their faces, including rhino pharyngeal pathologies with colds and rhinopharyngitis, respiratory pathologies with influenza, bronchitis and bronchiolitis for children, as well as digestive pathologies with gastro-enteritis. children or the elderly, especially those suffering from heart disease, lung disease or immunocompromised. So if you dream of spending a healthy and fit winter, avoiding going to the doctor and being bedridden, it is imperative to boost your immune system.

How are winter viruses transmitted?

Generally speaking, this type of virus is caught through three modes of transmission:

  • By hands, with direct contact such as shaking hands;
  • By air, by being close to a sick person inside a closed, unventilated room;
  • By droplets which, loaded with virus, are transmitted when an infected person coughs or sneezes for example.

Eating well and staying hydrated to avoid getting sick in winter: instructions

Facing infections, we are not all equal. Some people have bodies that defend themselves better than others. Factors such as age, heredity and lifestyle have an impact on our resistance to winter ailments. Moreover, one of the first levers enabling the body to better defend itself and mobilise its natural defences is diet.

It is often said thatthe intestines are our second brain and not for nothing. They are indeed a real cornerstone for our immunity since 60% of our immune cells are concentrated there. The role of these cells is above all to sort out the good and bad bacteria. By adopting a healthy and varied diet, with an alkaline tendency, you maintain your intestinal flora and feed the good bacteria instead of the bad ones. This is a way of eating that includes a lot of fruit and vegetables for vitamins, fibre and minerals, meat, fish and eggs but also legumes as well as whole grains like rice, pasta and bread. This way all the essential nutrients will be directly transferred to your cells through the blood when you eat.

Inversely, you should avoid all industrial food at all costs, as well as products that are too fatty, too sweet and too salty, which, as well as creating waste in your body, are known to be inflammatory. Now, a body in inflammation is a body that gets sick.

Secondly, water has a fundamental role as well since it allows the transport of substances in our body, such as minerals, nutrients and vitamins. As we lose a great deal of water during the day and night, through perspiration, breathing and urine, it is imperative to hydrate sufficiently throughout the day and from the moment we wake up. On average, we should not go below one and a half litres of water daily.

Take care of your lifestyle to protect yourself from viruses during the winter

Canalise and reduce stress to get sick less

In small doses, stress can be beneficial and a kind of engine, providing our bodies with the energy they need to perform their daily tasks and deal with various everyday problems. However, it's all a question of balance... We shouldn't go overboard either! In such a context, stress has a bad role on our immune system by generating an exacerbated reaction of our defences. Excessive immunity is responsible for pathologies such as heart problems, diabetes or even obesity.

Regulate your sleep to avoid being vulnerable to infections

Sleep is the foundation of everything. It is at night that we recover, repair, recharge and regenerate. Poor quality sleep is therefore much more serious than we think. It increases vulnerability to infections such as parasites and fungi, among other things, whereas restorative sleep helps the immune system to function properly and restore itself.

Practicing physical activity to ward off disease

A large part of good health is through sport. To have a healthy body in a healthy mind, you need to move regularly. By exercising several times a week, we preserve ourselves from chronic diseases. Swimming, walking and cycling are activities that give our body the opportunity to oxygenate, detoxify, release all tensions while strengthening and stimulating the immune system. This also acts on the metabolism, which becomes faster and therefore healthier.

Food supplements to support healthy habits

All vitamins and minerals will be your best allies in boosting your immunity. Today, there are many vitamin and plant complexes that will suit everyone's needs.

Prevent with homeopathy

As soon as autumn arrives, you can take Thymulin in 9 CH to stimulate your immune defences and reduce the duration of infectious episodes or Influenzinum in 9 CH, which is recommended for the prevention of flu.

Probiotics, it's practical!

To take care of your health, you need to take care of your microbiota, which is responsible for activating your defences in case of external aggressions.You will find natural probiotics in fermented products such as sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, yoghurts and tofuas well as in food supplements.

Boosting your immunity with plants

Some plants such as Echinacea are rich in natural active ingredients capable of boosting our immune system. The latter is a very interesting root since it offers a good protection of the whole ENT sphere. You can find it as well in pharmacies, as in herbalist's shops or in organic shops in the form of capsules or oil. Essential oils such as oregano, ravintsara, thyme and savory are immunostimulant and antibacterial. Finally, grapefruit seed extract also proves formidable against infections. It is described as a natural antibiotic.

CBD, highly effective in stimulating and strengthening the immune system

Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is a molecule extracted from cannabis that has a regulatory effect on our immune system, by interacting with our natural receptors, known as "endocannabinoids". CBD is therefore able to make up for a possible lack of cannabinoids in case our body does not produce enough. Our body is boosted by the consumption of cannabidiol and is then able to better fight against external aggressions and diseases.

At the same time it acts on stress, sleep and participates in a good hormonal balance. Using CBD is therefore a way of combining all the virtues of plants in a supplement. It also has Omega-3, vitamins, powerful antioxidants and has the power to protect our cells from free radicals.

If you had to choose just one, know that CBD acts on multiple factors and therefore reliably participates in the proper functioning of the immune system of its consumer.

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