The CBD smoothie: the healthy recipe that will change your life

CBD is a natural active ingredient derived from hemp whose effects on the body allow you to improve your daily well-being. To consume it, there are either pure products like flowers or derived products enriched with CBD. However, there is another way to use it: in the kitchen! In fact, you can easily incorporate CBD into your diet, and we have prepared two recipes for you to make at home with CBD smoothies. Delicious and effective, they will allow you to enjoy a drink while relaxing. In this article, discover the best CBD smoothie recipes!

Why incorporate CBD into your diet

Depending on your needs and habits, there are several options available to you as CBD can be consumed in many ways. Even if they have the same objective, you will not necessarily experience identical benefits depending on the products you choose. One reliable and fun method is through cooking. By adding CBD to your diet, you're sure to enjoy yourself!

CBD-enriched grocery products

CBD is increasingly present in the form of enriched products to be enjoyed directly or cooked. Fairly neutral in taste, it can be combined with other ingredients and go unnoticed in the mouth. Ready-to-use herbal teas containing CBD are most often found, as are sour candies. Oils are also popular because of their simplicity and effectiveness. In particular, they can be precisely dosed which is a major advantage.

However, you should know that it is also possible to use raw products and incorporate them yourself into your favourite recipes. For example, you can infuse flowers, combine pollen or crystals with a fat and then make a dessert or prepare a dressing with CBD oil. Sometimes you need to perform steps beforehand so that these raw products are subsequently assimilated by the body, but it remains a simple and natural technique to consume CBD.

The benefits of CBD on the body

When you use CBD in cooking or eat a CBD-enriched product, you will first have to digest it. Therefore, you won't get any quick effects, but rather a gradual, long-lasting feeling that will run through your body and mind. As it passes through our digestive system, some of the properties of CBD will diminish, but they will still be present. This is why it is interesting to make your own recipe with CBD so that you can dose it according to how you feel.

As your body assimilates the CBD, you will observe your muscles relax and your mind calm down. As a result, you'll be able to say goodbye to tension, tightness and stress. All this will help you to concentrate better, feel lighter and sleep more easily. This use of CBD is particularly useful for those who are anxious on a daily basis, dealing with upsetting events, playing a lot of sports or even experiencing mild disorders such as sleep related ones.

How to make a CBD smoothie

It's time for us to reveal how to make a CBD smoothie. First and foremost, you'll need to prepare your CBD so that it can be properly incorporated into your drink. Although we have presented several different tried and tested variations, you can adapt them very well with the ingredients you have at home. This way, you'll create pairings with your favourite foods and still get a delicious drink!

Choose the CBD you are going to use

To add CBD to a smoothie, there are several techniques you can choose from. The easiest is to use CBD oil, but you'll need to be very careful that it mixes with your other ingredients. If you don't, it may stay on the surface which won't be very pleasant in the mouth.

Another technique is to infuse CBD flowers in milk yourself. As well as allowing you to dose precisely the amount you need, you can use different varieties which will therefore bring different flavours too. Your drink will be more like a milkshake, but just as delicious. Pairing your CBD with a fat is very important, it's what will allow your body to assimilate it properly.

Make CBD-infused milk

To infuse CBD into milk, you first need to decarboxylate your flowers. This step helps to facilitate the release of the cannabinoids. To do this, you need to heat your CBD flowers, in the oven for example, between 140° and 180° for about 30 minutes. To keep as much flavour as possible, try not to exceed 150° in order to preserve the terpenes as well. Afterwards, collect your flowers, crumble them and add them to the milk of your choice in a pan.

All you have to do is wait 15 to 20 minutes and leave your pan on a low heat without bringing your preparation to the boil. Also remember to stir from time to time to prevent the flowers from sticking to the bottom. Before using your infused milk, strain it through a sieve or coffee filter to get rid of any residue. Now you can wait for it to cool down to make tasty smoothies!

Create your CBD smoothie

Whether you've decided to use CBD oil or make your own infused milk, you're free to make whatever combinations you like to get a smoothie that's right for you.

For a fruity and exotic drink, you can blend fruits like pineapple and banana with coconut milk previously infused with CBD. If you want to use CBD oil directly, you can take plain coconut milk.

A fruit combination we particularly like is to take your favourite red fruits such as strawberries or raspberries and blend them with citrus. You'll get a tangy, sweet smoothie with a great colour. Add your CBD oil and get ready for a refreshing and soothing break.

The smoothie is an ideal drink to combine with CBD. You can easily make it at home without too much effort and most importantly after drinking it you are sure to be relaxed for the rest of the day!

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