Why put CBD under the tongue?

CBD is a natural product from the hemp plant that can be consumed in different ways depending on its container and form. The easiest way to use it is in the form of CBD oil taken sublingually.

Indeed, CBD oil is the most widely used form of CBD because it is easy to transport and store. The sublingual route under the tongue is a convenient and effective way to ingest CBD throughout the day.

CBD oil is most commonly consumed sublingually, i.e. by placing the product in the mouth under the tongue. This is a method that allows even beginners to quickly get the hang of it and experience the benefits of CBD on their body without difficulty.

In this article, let's go into the details of this practice of consuming CBD under the tongue, as well as why putting CBD under the tongue is an advantageous and effective way to consume it. Let's also review the various other ways of consuming CBD.

How to consume CBD oil sublingually

CBD oil containing CBD in varying degrees (from 5% to 30% for the most potent) is delivered in an opaque glass container with a twist-off opening. The cap has an easy-to-use pipette that delivers the CBD product in drops.

It is customary to place the pipette in the mouth, lift the tongue and pour a few drops of CBD oil into it, then close the mouth and wait for the product to dilute and then swallow naturally after a few seconds. The sublingual way of consuming CBD oil is the most common and convenient thanks to its adapted bottle.

It is rare for CBD to be removed from its bottle as it is perfectly suited for long term storage. It is therefore recommended not to remove the product from its container and to use it as is.

The CBD oil is a natural product that can be used in a variety of ways.

CBD oil consumed sublingually provides the same benefits as if it were consumed differently. CBD is, however, quicker or slower to take effect depending on how it is consumed. By sublingual route, CBD works within 30-45 min after consumption.

The sublingual route is a method suitable for all types of consumer, from the most novice to the most experienced.


The benefits of putting CBD under your tongue

Consuming CBD under the tongue has many benefits to consider when choosing your method of CBD consumption. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the advantages of consuming CBD under the tongue:

- Ease of use: CBD in the form of oil to be ingested under the tongue is a very easy way to consume this miraculous molecule. Simply unscrew the bottle, take the product with the pipette, place the drops under the tongue and close your mouth. Nothing could be simpler.

- No need for tools: CBD in the form of oil to be put under the tongue does not require any tools like other products like CBD resin or CBD flowers. Just carry the bottle with you and carry it in your pocket or bag.

- Rapid action on the body: CBD consumed under the tongue allows the molecule to quickly reach the bloodstream thanks to absorption through the sublingual mucous membranes. In fact, CBD reaches the cells and the bloodstream faster, less than an hour, than if it were ingested orally.

- Easy dosing: The CBD oil tube allows you to control the amount of CBD you want to ingest through a pipette that dispenses the product drop by drop. This way, it is difficult to get the wrong dosage to put under the tongue.

- Use anywhere: CBD consumed sublingually can be used anywhere. All you need to do is carry your product with you and consume it as you would use eye drops. It does not require any special equipment or additional products.

- Variety of product choices: Thanks to the sublingual form of ingestion, CBD oil allows you to choose the degree of potency of the CBD product you wish to ingest. In fact, unlike other CBD products whose potency is difficult to determine before ingestion, CBD oil indicates its potency on its bottle. It is therefore easy to know the potency and the effects the product will have on you.


The effects of CBD when taken under the tongue

The effects of CBD when taken under the tongue are identical to other forms of consumption. CBD acts on the human body to relax the parasympathetic system of the brain and relax the physical muscles. It also helps to calm chronic pain and inflammation. It will also have an effect on stress, anxiety attacks and appetite. Depending on the properties of the CBD administered, it may also help consumers to increase their concentration and self-confidence.

However, taking CBD under the tongue will have a different intensity than other forms of consumption. Sublingually, CBD will have a faster and more intense effect than orally or through the skin, but less so than by inhalation.

The 3 other ways of using CBD

Apart from the sublingual route, CBD can be consumed in other ways. Here are the other forms of CBD use than under the tongue:

- By inhalation: Inhaling CBD is one of the fastest ways to enjoy its benefits. Indeed, by smoking CBD flowers or inhaling CBD resin, the molecules reach the bloodstream directly (about 30 seconds). This type of consumption is ideal when you are looking for quick results, such as to relieve pain or anxiety for example. It is also possible to vapourise CBD using an electronic cigarette, also known as a "vape pen", by inserting a CBD e-liquid.

- Ingesting: Among the forms of CBD, there are many edible CBD products full of flavour. Some of the most popular are CBD cakes, chocolates or candies. It is also possible to incorporate CBD oil into favourite recipes, dishes, salads or desserts to benefit from the effects of CBD in a more subtle way. However, the effects of this method of consumption are limited.

- Dermal: Some products that can be applied to the skin may contain CBD. These include CBD body oils, CBD skin creams for face and body, and CBD ointments. Their action on the muscles is slight but fast and effective. Indeed, used by cutaneous way, CBD relieves internal and external inflammations but also local pains. This use is also very effective on skin diseases, certain inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis or migraines.

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