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National Academies of Medicine and Pharmacy question the conduct of medical cannabis experimentation

While medical cannabis is close to being introduced in France, it is still the source of major disparities within the scientific community. As proof, the Academies of Medicine and Pharmacy have published a rather severe press release concerning the implementation of medical cannabis experimentation and its effectiveness. A call to order that was not appreciated by the person in charge of the experiment, if we are to believe his words.

An experiment that deviates from the methodological, safety and ethical requirements imposed by the regulatory authorities

Publicly opposed to medical cannabis for several years now, the Academy of Medicine - which even rejects the term "medical cannabis" as abusive and dangerous - returns in its press release to the methodology of the current trial, which it considers incorrect and incomplete... The academicians of medicine and pharmacy point out the need to carry out a randomised clinical trial, as required by a decree of 16 October 2020, which sets out the specifications for cannabis-based medicines. In other words, the experimentation of medical cannabis, which began in March 2021, should be based on the comparison of the effects of the plant on a group of patients who received an active ingredient and another group who received a placebo because it is, according to them, the only way to satisfactorily evaluate the benefit/risk balance of a candidate drug in the interest of patients.

"The wheels are in motion" despite their stance against medical cannabis

Following this letter, the person in charge of the experiment in question, Nicolas Authier, seems somewhat irritated but not worried. According to him, their opinion counts for little in the balance since the decrees governing the use of the plant are coming out one after the other despite what they may think.

He also criticises the academics for lacking medical experience in the field, with patients in front of them. For him, the Academy of Medicine and Pharmacy are mainly populated by biologists and toxicologists.

In any case, while the academics are questioning it and wondering about its validity, the experiment - supposed to last two more years - continues with, at present, 1500 French patients using a medical cannabis treatment.

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