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A 'cannabis' degree has been set up at the University!

Since 2021, a degree aimed at studying cannabis, while giving more weight to the scientific research carried out in this field, has been launched. While the current law is not favourable to the legalisation of therapeutic cannabis in France, its creators hope that the law will soon become more flexible. This university course is based on the experiment launched almost a year ago by the Ministry of Health, which could potentially lead to a reform of the law.

The first DU on medical cannabis in France

Olivier Pons is a general practitioner suffering from multiple sclerosis and is enrolled in the very innovative and first of its kind university diploma on therapeutic cannabis. Piloted by the universities of Montpellier and Saclay, this course of study has piqued the curiosity of this doctor from Montpellier who sees both a personal and professional interest in it. He has been researching and writing for several years on topics such as the patient-caregiver relationship, the power of meditation and dietary supplements, and is also convinced of the benefits that cannabis can have on certain pathologies and their symptoms, within the framework of a precise and individualised prescription. If he is so enthusiastic about the plant, it is because he himself has experienced it on one of the manifestations of his disease, spasticity, which has improved significantly. Olivier Pons therefore hopes to be able to deepen his knowledge through this training, with the ultimate aim of 'global care'.

A development already successfully tested in other countries...

This new academic training is part of the continuation and generalisation of the experimentation of medical cannabis currently taking place in France. It is primarily aimed at doctors, pharmacists, students of general medicine, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists and midwives with the aim of providing an academic background, both theoretical and practical, on the administration of cannabis-based products and to seek alternatives to more invasive therapies such as opioids.

However, this momentum is limited by legislation that is slow to evolve. Although cannabis for therapeutic purposes is authorised in a dozen European countries, this is far from being the case in France, except for a single medicine intended to treat a rare form of epilepsy.

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