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Mauritius says « yes » to medical cannabis but « no » to flower and local cultivation!

In Mauritius, the government has finally given the green light to start clinical trial sessions on medical cannabis at the Victoria Hospital in Candos. For the occasion and as part of the trial, Mauritians will be able to access cannabis-based medicines free of charge. The programme is entirely piloted by an American multinational while the medical offer is based on the regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration. Imported derivatives previously approved by the FDA will be submitted to the Ministry of Health and then each potential user will have to undergo an eligibility assessment by a committee of specialists. Both CBD and THC-based products are planned. Only the flower is not part of the picture and must not be found anywhere.

The use of medical cannabis is being implemented on Mauritian soil

It has been four months since the Technical Committee on Cannabis Cultivation submitted its report to the Mauritian government on the framework and protocol for a successful medical cannabis programme. The government has to follow the recommendations of the committee which on the one hand orders to reserve cannabis only for serious diseases and on the other hand to leave the medical business to the American companies.

False good news for the country

Amrish Lachooa, a member of CLAIM Mauritius (an association created in 2005), expresses his disappointment by explaining that Mauritius has been importing about 80% of the consumer goods used on the island for a long time. What is a pity, according to him, is that an entire sector of the Mauritian economy is being lost to the profit of future importers. This is a disaster, both from an ecological and economic point of view. Indeed, in addition to being intended only for cancer patients requiring chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis or epilepsy, medical cannabis will not have to be cultivated on the territory.

He also added that he was very disappointed that the doctors did not decide to include autoimmune diseases in the programme, given the known effectiveness of cannabis on these diseases and their frequency in Mauritius. Finally, Amrish Lachooa also deplores the fact that there is no mention of the scope of CBD and THC molecules for behavioural disorders and psychological impacts.

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