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Argentina's government allows the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes for non-profit associations

At the end of March, the Ministry of Health in Argentina announced that non-governmental organisations (NGOs) can now grow medical cannabis in order to be able to supply patients. The only condition is to be registered in the register of users and cultivators of the cannabis programme, REPROCANN. This decision was published in the Official Journal on 29 March and signed by the Minister Carla Vizzoti.

Medical cannabis available to all

Until now, only the use of cannabis was allowed in Argentina according to law 27350, but access to the substance was not legal. However, the Ministry of Health has just accepted the request of the REPROCANN advisory board, whose members are scientists of all kinds, activists and national officials. Thus, each NGO will be entitled to represent up to 150 people, but also to cultivate indoors and outdoors and to register several premises.

What Resolution 673 provides for

Organizations will be allowed to cultivate cannabis in an area of 15 square meters in different outdoor premises and up to 6 square meters for indoor cultivation per person with prior approval. In each of these areas, a user may hold up to 9 flowering plants.

In addition, the new law also stipulates that before any cultivation takes place, NGOs will have to register with the country's Ministry of Health in order to be accredited to supply medicinal cannabis to patients.

Summary of key points and measures:

  • The number of people that each NGO can represent as a grower is limited to 150. If this number is exceeded, the associations have the possibility to request permission to extend this limit. They would have to apply to the National Programme for the Study and Research on the Medicinal Use of Cannabis, its Derivatives and Non-Conventional Treatments, which is itself under the Ministry of Health.
  • The number of flowering plants is limited to 9 per person duly represented.
  • Up to 6 square metres may be grown for indoor cultivation and up to 15 square metres for outdoor cultivation, per property.
  • NGOs may register several different premises for cultivation purposes as long as the conditions listed above are met.
  • Between 1 and 6 bottles of 30 ml, up to 40 g of dried flowers or the maximum number of plants allowed per person represented, may be transported per vehicle.

Resolution 673 amends Resolution 800 of 12 March 2021, which regulated the operation of REPROCANN and established the conditions for controlled cultivation. Its aim is to simplify the procedures to ensure that consumers have access to cannabis-based treatments for medicinal, therapeutic and palliative purposes.

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