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Study: why do the French consume cannabidiol?

Recently, an anonymous online survey of 1,166 French CBD consumers analysed their behaviour to reveal in detail the reasons why they resort to the use of cannabidiol. Indeed, the substance and its derived products have been proliferating for some time in many countries. It therefore seemed interesting to examine the motivations of users of such products.

Background and method: online survey and data analysis

The entire study group included all respondents who reported using CBD products in the past 30 days via the internet. The aim was to complete an online survey, one of the questions of which was the main reason for their CBD use.

The data provided by the selected cannabidiol users via the survey were used to describe the reported reasons for using such products. Logistic regressions were then performed to identify correlates of self-reported well-being and other specific reasons for CBD use.

As a result, the results revealed that the major and most common reason was well-being (for 27% of the total sample), with stress and sleep improvement being the most common specific reasons. The main modes of use cited by the entire study sample were consuming CBD-rich cannabis by combustion (for 61%) and ingesting cannabidiol oil sublingually (for 19%).

We can therefore conclude that, in this sample of French users of CBD-based products, well-being is the most chosen reason for consumption.

What to remember from this study: the important points

  • Out of 1,166 French users interviewed about their CBD consumption, 98% lived in France; 70% were men;
  • Of these 1,166 users, 27% said they were looking for a sense of well-being;
  • 25% said they were using CBD to cure an illness or reduce symptoms;
  • 12% admitted to using it to reduce smoking or other substances.
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