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Government decides to allocate 134 hectares of land dedicated to medical cannabis production

In recent years, the medical cannabis market has been experiencing a wave of legalisation in Africa. This is why, after having taken this first step, many countries continue to advance from a legal point of view. For example, just a few months after legalising medical cannabis, the Rwandan government has authorised the opening of the first medical cannabis production site.

After the official legalisation of cannabis, Rwanda moves on

Although the exact location of the site is still unknown at the moment and no cultivation licence has been issued, the Rwandan government admits that it too wants to profit from the cannabis industry. As a result, the country is launching its first-ever medical cannabis production site of 134 hectares. This information was reported by the Rwandan newspaper, The New Times. Moreover, the head of the RDB (Rwanda Development Board) confided that she had planned for $10 million per harvest on one hectare.

In choosing the companies to work with on this major project, the Rwandan government said it wanted to select those with experience in producing cannabis for medical use. Apparently, five unnamed companies are currently in advanced discussions.

Plans to export to the US and Europe

All the cannabis produced in Rwanda is supposed to be exported to the 37 US states that have already legalised medical cannabis, Canada and Europe, including Germany and the UK. The country expects to become a major competitor for its neighbours Lesotho, Botswana, Uganda and Zimbabwe. In addition, a substantial budget in security systems will be imposed on companies wishing to take part in the large-scale operation, after obtaining a licence. Indeed, according to the ruling legalising medical cannabis, a double-layered fencing system as well as a 24/7 security guard, video surveillance and an intrusion detection system and control room are foreseen.

The use of recreational cannabis remains illegal in Rwanda. As such, severe penalties will be applied in case of illegal production, distribution or consumption.

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