Can CBD combat neuropathic pain and stress?

Cannabidiol is a substance that is much talked about, for several years now. Often decried at its inception in France, it was equated with the cannabis plant from which it is extracted. It was then attributed very harmful effects on health, especially at the psychoactive level.

But the scientific research that followed quickly disproved these prejudices, and today, CBD is unanimously recognized harmless. On the contrary, many benefits are granted to him by these same scientists. The benefits brought by cannabidiol are multiple and touch different areas. Among them, we find effects on neuropathic pain and stress management. But how can CBD act to provide these benefits. Answer in the present article.

Cannabidiol, a natural relaxant

Cannabis users can feel relaxed when they take it. Cannabidiol is one of the substances that provide this effect. But with cannabis, the benefit/disadvantage ratio is largely unfavourable. Worse still, substances such as THC can cause the opposite effect, namely an increase in feelings of anxiety.

Cannabidiol alone provides a relaxing effect without all these adverse side effects. The question then becomes, how does it work to provide such effects? Experiments have shown that CBD interacts with the human endocannabinoid system. Specifically with the receptors known as 5-HT1A, GPR55, CB1 and CB2. This communication between CBD and the mentioned receptors stimulates the production of two hormones: serotonin and dopamine. The latter two are responsible for the feeling of well-being and joy.

What better than well-being to counteract a state or feeling of stress and anxiety? Thus, CBD has virtues against stress and anxiety.

CBD for neuropathic pain

First of all, it is worth defining what neuropathic pain is. This term refers to pain that occurs as a result of damage to the central or peripheral nervous system. This means damage to the brain, spinal cord or nerves in general.

The effect of CBD on other types of pain such as inflammatory muscle or joint pain is known and proven. On neuropathic pain, studies are recent but already, many allow to underline conclusive results.

The effect of CBD on other types of pain such as inflammatory muscle or joint pain is known and proven.

It is important to note that the pharmacological treatments classically administered to patients with neuropathic pain do not always work. Moreover, they are often accompanied by unpleasant or even unbearable side effects in some cases. It would then be interesting to think about CBD supplementation to try to alleviate these pains in a healthy way and without waiting for side effects.

cbd vs stress

Is CBD proven to be effective for neuropathic pain?

As stated, studies on the subject are relatively recent and few in number. Therefore, it would not be fair to certify that CBD has a scientifically proven efficacy against neuropathic pain. It is also not the case that CBD should be considered as a medicine. Keep in mind that it is only a dietary supplement that can help you improve your quality of life. Under no circumstances should it be used as a substitute for your doctor's treatment!

Although the studies are still in their infancy, many of them nevertheless point to positive assumptions. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that CBD is effective, even if it doesn't constitute scientific proof as such. Some would even suggest that one can reduce one's sensitivity to neuropathic pain by 10 times with CBD!

On what pain does CBD work?

The neuropathic pain on which CBD is most likely to have a benefit is called paroxysmal pain. Paroxysmal pain refers to conditions that can be caused by certain scenarios such as electric shock, or being stabbed. Spasms caused by conditions such as multiple sclerosis may also be.

Some studies also suggest that CBD in combination with other substances may amplify the pain-relieving effect. Again, this is all still at the stage of guesswork. The future will clarify the matter further, but it seems to be well on the way.

How to consume CBD for neuropathic pain

There are different ways to consume cannabidiol. Everyone indulges in their own way, choosing their preferred method. That said, not all of them are equal and do not necessarily have the same effects. Cannabidiol in e-liquid, for example, is widely used by vaping enthusiasts. There are e-liquids of all tastes and dosages.

In addition, it is also possible to consume CBD in its oil form sublingually, or by mixing it with your food. This is the most commonly used method for this purpose. Liposomal capsules and solutions are also coveted, as they allow for high bioavailability, and therefore better absorption of CBD.

For neuropathic pain, it is recommended to consume CBD as a sublingual oil or by using liposomal solutions. You can supplement either of these methods with CBD patches, which are an ideal supplementation.

These consumption methods allow for relatively quick effects (between 5 and 20 minutes), while lasting over time. CBD by vaporizer, for example, is also very fast, but the effect tends to fade quickly.

The effect of CBD by vaporizer is also very fast.

cbd neuropathic pain

What dosage to use when consuming CBD for neuropathic pain

The ideal dosage for CBD consumption does not exist. It varies on a case-by-case basis, through a number of criteria such as age, weight and more. But rest assured, there is a fairly effective way to find the right dosage for you. You can use what is called a CBD dosage calculator. There are several of these available online for free. You enter the data and it gives you an estimate of the dosage that suits you.

It is however highly recommended to gradually increase the doses, in order to get your body used to this brand new substance. For seasoned users, this guideline obviously does not apply.

It's a good idea to use a few of the most popular drugs in your life.

Are online calculators reliable?

Calculators will only ever give you an estimate of the dosage that might be right for you. They do this based on a number of factors, which brings them closer to the truth. However, there are many other factors that make the ideal CBD dose vary from one individual to another. Factors that are impossible to control and difficult to know. Therefore, online calculators are not always accurate. They merely give you an indication.

Only you will be able to know the dose you need, after testing over time. Increase or decrease the doses, and listen to your body. Sooner or later you will become aware of the dose that suits you best and gives you the best effects.

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