What is the price of a good CBD pot or resin?

Nowadays, many people consume cannabidiol, or CBD, this substance can be found in different forms. You can find CBD oil or CBD flowers. CBD can also be found in the form of resin, this is a rather fatty and thick material extracted from the hemp flower.

Resin is the most commonly consumed form of CBD, it is very popular with regular consumers, but it can surprise new consumers. In this article, find out all about cannabis resin and its price.

Cannabis resin is the most widely consumed form of CBD and is very popular with regular users, but it can be surprising to new consumers.

What is CBD resin

It is hashish that is produced from cannabidiol flowers, these contain almost no THC and contain a large amount of CBD. It is a completely legal substance, as it has no euphoric or psychoactive effects, but it is very similar to a classic cannabis resin.

The cannabis plant contains several cannabinoids, cannabidiol being one of them. The particularity of the latter is that it is neither narcotic nor euphoric, that's why it is completely legal in France. Indeed, it does not present undesirable or harmful effects and does not represent a danger for the health of the consumers. As said before, CBD does not contain THC, it acts as a relaxant for the body and mind without altering the state of consciousness of the person who consumes it.

What is THC?

It is the main psychotropic substance in cannabis. Products made with cannabis will have to contain less than 0.2% THC in order to be legal in France. This substance is highly addictive and can cause many disorders, which is why traditional cannabis is banned in France.

Resin and all products made with CBD contain concentrations of less than 0.2% THC.

What is the price of CBD resin?

Cannabidiol resin was developed for people who are looking for a resin that gives relaxing effects without being psychoactive. Therefore, it is quite possible to consume CBD resin without worrying about negative effects, as it contains almost no THC.

CBD resin can be used by former hashish smokers who want to find the same calming and relaxing effects without the euphoric side. The state of consciousness is maintained.

The price of CBD resin is not the same.

The price of CBD resin remains lower than that of traditional pot. Generally, a gram of CBD resin costs in the 5 euros, but the price also depends on the brand and the flavor.

It is important to note that although CBD resin is not psychoactive, the sale to minors is strictly prohibited by law. Therefore, you must be over 18 years old in order to purchase it.

cbd resin

How is CBD resin made?

Cannabidiol resin is made in the same way as traditional hashish, the only difference is that flowers with very low THC content are used. The manufacturing principle is based on the fact that the cannabis flowers are separated from the trichomes. The latter are very small resinous tassels which are almost not visible to the naked eye, they cover all the flower of cannabis. The majority of the aromatic molecules are contained in these glands. By recovering the trichomes, we can concentrate the CBD. CBD resin is composed of agglomerations of trichomes that form a block or plate.

The trichomes can be separated in different ways, usually a sieve is used and CBD oil is added to form a pellet or platelet. This not only makes the preparation more malleable, but also helps to impart more flavor to the resin.

What are the benefits of CBD resin?

CBD is a completely legal substance, provided of course that the resin chosen does not contain more than 0.2% THC. This substance has many virtues, and you should know that you can enjoy it without feeling euphoric effects. Also, it does not represent any health risk, quite the contrary. Focus on some of the effects of this substance.

Relief and soothing

Several CBD resin lovers use it mainly for its various soothing effects. Indeed, this would have the effect of facilitating falling asleep and guaranteeing better sleep according to numerous studies.

Improving mood

Studies show that CBD can have effects on stress, anxiety, and even depression. It has anxiolytic and anti-stress properties and could even improve the mood to guarantee better emotional stability. Of course, this is not a cure for depression, just a way to help. If you are using any treatment, ask your doctor for advice.

The fight against cannabis addiction

Cannabidiol does not present any risk of addiction, on the contrary, it can be used during a cannabis withdrawal phase in order to relieve the effects associated with it. This would therefore limit the risk of relapse and provide a better emotional balance.

Reducing pain

Chronic pain such as inflammation can be relieved with cannabidiol. But beware ! It does not replace drug treatment, if you suffer from any disease, it is best to consult a doctor before consuming CBD resin.

CBD resin

How to choose your CBD resin?

In order to choose your CBD resin, there are several criteria to take into account, we are going to tell you about two main ones. Also, it is important to emphasize that the price is not an important criterion, unless you find a resin at a price that is too low, in which case you can be sure that it is of poor quality.

To choose your CBD resin, you will have to take into account the aroma and the form.

The aroma of CBD resin

The aroma is a very determining criterion for the taste of your resin, regular consumers and people who know about it take the time to study this criterion before making the purchase.

If you are buying online, be aware that many sites have a filter by taste, you can read the details about the flavor bouquet to determine what suits you best. Generally, CBD resins are quite woody and spicy, some have fruity undertones, others have rather fresh aromas. You can choose according to what appeals to you the most.

The form of resin

There are two main forms of CBD resin:

  • Pollen resin: this is a fairly powdery resin that can be easily crumbled. Generally, its taste is quite round and soft in the mouth, this type of hash is the most recommended for beginners.
  • Charas resin: it is a very resinous resin and quite dark in color, its taste is quite strong and intense unlike pollen.
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