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New study reveals beneficial impact of therapeutic cannabis on cancer

While the cultivation of cannabis for medical use is already well established in the United States where it benefits a multitude of people suffering from various cancers, it has only been authorised in France since March 2021, thanks to a decree. Indeed, the experimentation of therapeutic cannabis was launched more than a year ago and authorises its use for a certain number of patients. However, a recent study published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Pain Research suggests that the plant could be even more than that by allowing patients to wean themselves off the painkillers usually prescribed for cancer.

Is medical cannabis effective enough to be considered as an alternative treatment to opioids?

During treatment therapies, most cancer patients suffer from anxiety, depression or insomnia, due to their condition and the resulting pain. Between disability and suffering, they sometimes even find themselves in conditions that are likely to make their case worse.

David Meiri, assistant professor at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, explains that cancer pain is usually treated with opioid analgesics, but that these are considered very dangerous by most oncologists. Alternative therapies become necessary.

This study was conducted with cancer patients who were looking for alternative ways to relieve their pain and symptoms. They were all asked to fill in anonymous questionnaires before starting treatment and were asked to repeat the procedure several times during the course of the experiment in order to measure their pain, their consumption of analgesics, side effects, etc.

After the rain, comes the good weather: symptoms clearly improved

At the end of the experiment, the results obtained all testify to the ability of medical cannabis to reduce pain and cancer symptoms in general. In addition, it reduced the use of opioids and other traditional analgesics. Finally, almost half of the patients were even able to discontinue all analgesic medication after six months of treatment with medical cannabis.

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