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In Canada, 50% of MS patients use medical cannabis every day

We're hearing that more than half of the Canadian population with multiple sclerosis (MS) report using cannabis to help relieve their symptoms. This is according to a study published in Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorder in January 2022 by the University of Alberta. The study suggests the prevalence of legal cannabis use among patients at the expense of a multitude of other available treatments.

High level of medical cannabis use among Canadian patients

Legal in Canada for more than 20 years, the use of medical cannabis has long been accepted and it is common for Canadian patients to use it, whether they suffer from MS or other equally serious and disabling conditions. In order to gather more precise information on this subject, a cross-sectional study was conducted by means of surveys. A total of 344 voluntary patients took part in the anonymous questionnaire, under the direction of the Medical University.

By way of background, 80% of them suffered from a chronic form of MS, while the rest had a "progressive" form of the disease. Finally, more than two thirds of the respondents were female.

Exactly 52.3% reported using cannabis at present to make their symptoms more bearable. For those who had never used it, 34.4% were unaware of the potential benefits, 15% felt it was not necessary and 14.4% were put off by their fear of possible social stigmatisation.

Results in favour of medical cannabis and its effectiveness

68.4% of the users surveyed said that cannabis helps them to manage spasticity, 80% that it helps them to cope with pain, 84.2% that it helps with sleep problems and 66.5% that they manage bad moods and stress better with the plant. Besides that, more than half of the respondents believe that medical cannabis is effective in relieving fatigue, headaches, anxiety and in stimulating their appetite.

In terms of frequency of use, 73.8% of MS patients say they use medical cannabis daily. However, 28.6% of the users did not report any real improvement as a result of their use of medical cannabis. The products used can be dried flowers, oils, infusions, distillates or macerations etc.

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