The 8 best natural solutions against wrinkles

We should all take care of our skin from an early age. Indeed, from the age of 20, the latter gradually loses its natural hydration and its antioxidant production begins to decrease. Then, there is the loss of elasticity and collagen which visibly reduces the volume of the skin which then no longer has its "plumped" effect of yesteryear... This is where the first wrinkles and fine lines appear. So how do you delay their onset as much as possible? Well, simply by focusing on the four main factors of skin aging which are none other than dehydration, loss of cellular energy, reduced collagen production and free radicals. . In this article, we will show you how you can slow down the aging process of your skin on a daily basis.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle to counter the effects of time on the skin

Although many solutions are available to effectively reduce the formation and appearance of established wrinkles and lack of firmness, they do not necessarily follow the principle of naturalness and can even be aggressive . Among them we have botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid injections, conventional anti-wrinkle cosmetic products that are irritating, allergenic or based on controversial ingredients such as certain < strong>known endocrine disruptors etc. To remedy this, we are going to offer you solutions that are as simple as they are natural and ultra-efficient that will allow you to preserve the youthfulness of your skin!

Solution number 1: Stay hydrated

Drinking about two liters of water a day makes a big difference when it comes to the beauty of the skin. Of course, prefer non-carbonated and unsweetened water. The purest and most natural water possible will be the best. Water is a natural anti-wrinkle for the skin that helps fight against aging and dehydration linked to environmental factors. Drinking enough is essential to offset the evaporation of water from the skin.

Never neglect your hydration and you will find out very quickly what it is doing to your skin. Besides, it's not ONLY good for your skin!

Solution number 2: Opt for a diet rich in antioxidants

An alkalizing diet, rich in antioxidants and vitamins will protect you from many evils! And yes, scientific studies have proven the direct and close link betweenthe inflammatory state of the tissues– which is due to acidification of the ground, due to a disease or an unhealthy lifestyle – cellular degeneration and an increase in the number of free radicals.

To fight this inflammation and prevent it, it is necessary to avoid as much as possible processed products, often stuffed with sugar and saturated fats. You should also limit your consumption of red meat and cold cuts, while incorporating foods rich in omega 3 and 9 on a daily basis, such as oilseeds, shellfish, salmon, etc. since they act as natural anti-inflammatories.

Also bet on fresh fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants (especially with vitamins A, C and E) which fight against free radicals and oxidative stress, such as bananas, carrots, tomatoes, red peppers, leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits etc. They improve the texture of the skin and protect it from the risk of premature aging.

According to several studies, vitamins K and E also play an important role in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. Find them in leafy green vegetables and oilseeds.

In terms of drinks, green tea is an excellent antioxidant and certain spices such as turmeric, ginger and cinnamon are anti-inflammatory.

Solution number 3: Eradicate alcohol and tobacco

You know that cigarette and alcohol consumption makes the complexion dull and dull. As a result, the skin will tend to produce more sebum and therefore be more oily, but it can also have the opposite effect by making the skin rough and flaky.

The abuse of tobacco and alcohol leads to disruption of normal blood circulation, which damages blood vessels, damages the liver and causes the appearance of wrinkles. You should especially know that tobacco releases an enzyme responsible for the destruction of collagen and elastin, two essential elements for maintaining the health and firmness of the skin.

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Solution number 4: Reduce stress and practice regular physical activity

Numerous studies have shown the impressive effects of meditation on the reduction of stress involved in cellular aging. On the other hand, the regular practice of a sport is essential for strengthening the blood vessels. It is also what helps to stimulate microcirculation, tone the skin and eliminate toxins from the body.

Rest assured, it only takes 30 minutes of brisk walking a day, at a rate of five times a week, to stay in shape.

Solution number 5: Get enough sleep

Never underestimate the restorative power of sleep on the body and the skin. On the contrary, the skin – which is our largest organ – suffers enormously from lack of sleep, which it immediately translates into loss of firmness, a pale complexion and the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines. In question ? Sleep debt which is experienced as stress by the body, reacting with an abnormal secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone. The problem is that its prolonged production over time and in excessive quantities is responsible for the acceleration of cellular aging.

To compensate for all this, you need to get enough sleep so that your body regenerates and can produce more hGH, the natural growth hormone that strengthens the elasticity of the skin< /strong>.

Solution number 6: Protect yourself from the sun all year round

Apply sunscreen to your face, neck and décolletage every day of the year, not just in the summer. Use a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF 50) to properly protect the skin from the negative effects of UVA and UVB rays.

Solution number 7: Practice Kobido

Kobido is an ancient Japanese anti-wrinkle massage capable of rapidly reducing wrinkles. It is a very old technique that dates back to the 15th century. At the time, two masters of Amna - the ancestor of Shiatsu - competed for months on a demonstration of "Kyoku-te" (a massage performed by exerting pressure with the hand folded). Unable to decide between themselves, they finally decided to unite in order to create the prestigious Maison Kobido.

There are 48 different Kobido techniques that will act on the epidermis to smooth and firm the skin, while activating collagen production. It also stimulates blood circulation, reduces wrinkles and tones the face as well as its contours. This is a good solution to avoid going through the box of botox or hyaluronic acid.

The face comes out naturally firmer with wrinkles that are actually reduced. It is necessary to practice regularly so that the effects last over time.

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Solution number 8: Incorporate CBD products into your routine

Cannabidiol is a very natural ingredient present in the hemp plant. Renowned for its benefits on stress and anxiety, CBD can also be an ally of choice for skin care.

CBD products have the ability to deeply hydrate the skin, soothe inflammationand fade redness >, to act as an antibacterial, to purify the pores and thus fight against imperfections as well as acne. However, it also has an overall anti-aging action by acting on the appearance of wrinkles, caused by the slackening of the epidermis and the decrease in the production of collagen in the cells, which is itself even blocked by free radicals. In this case, CBD will be an ingredient of choice since it will bind to free radicals and thus neutralize them.

By regularly applying cannabidiol-based cosmetic products, your face will gradually regain all its firmness and wrinkles will fade away.

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