On which animals can CBD be used?

CBD products are now completely democratized. It is very easy to find oils, flowers or creams that contain it, and the health benefits of this molecule are well established.

The use of CBD is also possible on certain animals, provided that certain advice is followed. We tell you everything in this article.

What is CBD?

CBD is a molecule derived from the hemp plant, whose full name is “cannabidiol”. It is known and used for many of its therapeutic virtues.

This molecule is related to the endocannabinoid system present in humans as in animals.

CBD, unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is not considered a drug because it is not psychoactive and does not pose any risk of addiction. Consumed in the rules of the art, it brings on the contrary many benefits on the body and on the spirit.

Can CBD be used on animals?

It is possible to give CBD products to animals, provided that the instructions for use are followed. On the other hand, it is obviously not recommended to give them products that contain THC, because they are even more sensitive to it than humans and it can seriously harm their health.

It is advisable to take a CBD oil dedicated to animals, as they are generally less concentrated due to their small size.

How to give CBD to your animal?

The easiest way to give your pet CBD is to incorporate it into their food. Oil is perfect for this. You can also pour a few drops into a container of water (don't forget to add a fatty substance because CBD is a lipophilic molecule).

If your pet likes the taste, you can pipette the oil drops directly into their mouth, ideally under their tongue.

Finally, start by administering only a few drops and try to observe the effects felt by your pet. Increase the dose very gradually if necessary.

Good to know: some CBD oils are flavored with salmon for example, so its administration no longer presents any difficulty because gluttony takes over.

cbd for dog kibble

What animals can you give CBD to?

It is very often recommended to give CBD to dogs and cats in certain cases. They are indeed the main pets we have.

However, CBD may also provide health benefits to horses, as well as all mammals.

Of course, you have to adapt the method of administration according to the size of the animal, and seek advice from a professional before administering it.

What are the benefits of CBD for animals?

The positive effects of CBD on animals are very similar to those experienced by humans. Here are some examples.

Relieve your pet's pain naturally

If your pet suffers from transient or chronic pain, administering a CBD product may help them feel less of it.

Indeed, cannabidiol is related to the messages transmitted to the nervous system. Pain is therefore inhibited and pain management is easier.

CBD can be used in the event of wounds, wounds, following an operation (with advice from your veterinarian beforehand), and even in the event of osteoarthritis. CBD also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Reduce your animal's stress

Some pets are prone to stress, either by nature or from time to time.

For example, some dogs and cats resent the absence of their owner, even for a short time, or do not like car journeys.

In this case, taking CBD can actually help reduce stress and anxiety in your little companion.

Relieving epileptic seizures in a dog or cat

Humans who suffer from epileptic seizures see improvement after taking CBD products. The same goes for animals!

However, we advise you to seek advice from your usual veterinarian first.

Stimulate appetite

Sometimes animals can experience loss of appetite, related to stress, illness or even the drug treatment of an illness.

Taking CBD products can help restore your appetite and reduce the nausea that can go with it.

Our advice: if your dog is on medication, ask your veterinarian for advice before administering CBD to avoid any risk of drug interactions.

give a dog cbd

Make them healthy

Just like for humans, CBD has interesting effects on health in general. It helps to fight against fatigue, certain diseases, stress (and the ailments that result from it, etc.

Similarly, cannabidiol is effective against autoimmune diseases and may help the body better accept a transplant.

Does CBD really work on animals?

While some effects of CBD, such as increasing an animal's well-being, are more subtle and difficult to prove, others have been validated by scientific studies.

Stephanie McGrath, an American neurologist, tested cannabidiol on dogs with epilepsy. 89% of dogs who consumed CBD saw the frequency of seizures decrease.

Professor Gamble LJ, from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University, carried out a study with his team on the effects of CBD on osteoarthritis in dogs. After a month of testing, a reduction in pain was noted.

Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte tested CBD to shrink a cancerous tumor in a dog's mammary gland. The trial carried out ended with a great success, since no recurrence took place more than six months after his recovery.

Finally, the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association conducted a study in 2016 that found that 65-95% of people who tested CBD on their pets saw improvements in their overall health or well-being. .

What precautions should be taken when giving CBD to an animal?

Above all, we recommend that you seek advice from your usual veterinarian. The latter will be able to advise you, especially if your animal is already taking medication. He can also help you define the right dosage and the right frequency of administration.

Above all, avoid overdosing. It is important to start the administration little by little, and not to exceed 2mg of CBD per kilo at the beginning.

The first time you pipette CBD into your dog, remember to reward him immediately. He will thus associate taking CBD with something positive.

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