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Canada: most common reasons for using medical cannabis revealed in new survey

Consumed for a variety of reasons by a large proportion of the population, medical cannabis is above all popular for its recognised benefits for physical and mental well-being. While its prohibition is a fairly recent political phenomenon, its use for medicinal purposes by consumers goes back several centuries. A team of Canadian researchers recently conducted a survey of patients undergoing medical cannabis treatment in order to determine the most common reasons for using medical cannabis.

Cannabis: a versatile plant with growing success

As the most versatile plant in the world, or nearly so, cannabis is indeed capable of effectively treating a number of diseases, as evidenced by the growing number of scientific studies and research on the subject. In addition, there are many testimonies of people who have solved or reduced their health problems thanks to the plant. Consequently, Canada has been keen to investigate the most common reasons why its citizens are currently using it regularly. A press release issued by NORML provides more information on the researchers' findings.

The telling results of a first survey

The result is clear, according to data published in the Journal of Cannabis Research: Canadians who use medical cannabis for self-medication report using it primarily to treat pain, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.

The researchers surveyed 489 people who had purchased cannabis products in shops but admitted to using them for self-medication. These same respondents were, according to previous findings, the most likely to report using cannabis products to relieve anxiety (70 per cent), improve sleep (56 per cent), reduce pain (53 per cent) or treat symptoms of depression (37 per cent). They also admitted to using it for muscle spasticity, migraine, post-traumatic stress disorder and nausea.

Among the products that respondents generally preferred to use, cannabis flower topped the list, with a preference for those with a high THC content, but those whose use was purely medical expressed a preference for products with a cannabidiol content. Finally, they all acknowledged that they had reported their use of medical cannabis to their doctors.

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