canna med bosnie herze? comp

Bosnia and Herzegovina on track to allow medical cannabis

While the Bosnian government has been widely interested in the possible legalisation of medical cannabis in recent years, it has never been closer to the goal. Indeed, for the use of the plant for therapeutic purposes to finally be allowed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, all that remains is for the Commission for the Suppression of Drug Abuse to submit its proposal to the Council of Ministers. According to the Sarajevo Times, the Council of Ministers will make its decision at the next discussion session.

Preliminary work

Now that the first steps have been taken, it is the turn of the state ministers and the current government to give their verdict on the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal purposes. The Commission for the Suppression of Drug Abuse is expected to take place this week. Recently, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) reported that the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs had removed cannabis from the list of prohibited substances. That was all it took for the Bosnia and Herzegovina Ministry of Security to go ahead!

Easier administrative management

As a result of the implementation of the international conventions on narcotics, the previously adopted Bosnian Law on the Prevention and Suppression of Drug Abuse is, logically, due to change. In this respect, the Commission has convened a working group to draft a proposal for the amendment of this law. It is planned that the opinions of the various ministries will be collected and analysed at the session organised by the Commission.

However, if cannabis were to be allowed in Bosnia, this would not mean the creation of new laws. Cannabis will simply have to be moved from the Schedule 1 to the Schedule 2 list. It will no longer be a "prohibited substance" and will become a "strictly controlled substance", like many other medicines currently used for medical purposes.

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