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New IFOP study reveals why the French use CBD for work purposes

We now know that at least 65% of French people know about CBD and what it is used for. However, what we have just learned is that a considerable proportion use it to deal with their moral and anxiety problems, particularly in the context of their work. Some say they would find it difficult to do without it, according to a study carried out by IFOP (the French Institute of Public Opinion) for Atelier Populaire, on the role of CBD as a means of managing various stresses. This study was carried out from the 1st to the 8th of June 2022 among a sample of 1000 French people aged 15 years and over, living in metropolitan France.

A perfect plant to fight against stress and anxiety

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid present in both the industrial hemp plant and in cannabis. Unlike THC, this molecule is not considered a narcotic as it does not cause euphoric or anxiety-inducing effects or even addiction. According to studies, CBD-based products are not harmful to health.

Of the 65% of French people who say they know about CBD, only 17% admit to using it occasionally. Most of them actually use the plant to cope with stressful situations or to fight against a well identified anxiety. This occasional use encompasses a wide range of consumers from different age groups. We also note a rather mixed consumption, although more women are fond of the benefits of the plant. In fact, 57% of them consume it in various forms, compared to 48% of men.

The French have become increasingly anxious over the past two years

IFOP also found a higher proportion of young working people aged 35 to 49 and students aged 15 to 35. Sixty-eight per cent of them say they use CBD because of the high level of stress they experience on a daily basis.

While the drop in morale among the French population is confirmed by INSEE, 43% of them use CBD to reduce their anxiety states (stress, anxiety, mood swings etc.). Amongst these consumers, 32% claim to face a high level of stress on a daily basis.

Professional environments favouring anxiety states

41% of French people say they use CBD for purely professional purposes, such as during periods of heavy mental workload or pressure at work and even during exams. This information tends to alert us to the state of French mental health at work, which has been weakened in recent years. The fact that 29% say they use cannabidiol to help them manage mood swings or emotional instability only confirms this concern.

The study concludes that the French are nowadays largely familiar with this active molecule and perceive it as an effective ally for everyday well-being. CBD has become a way of coping with reality and alleviating intense stress states, while allowing to face all kinds of uncomfortable situations, especially in the professional context.

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