CBD Resin APPLE 10% 1G
CBD Resin APPLE 10% 1G
CBD Resin

Resin CBD APPLE 10% 1G

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Description Resin CBD APPLE 10% 1G

Fresh and tangy Apple CBD resin

CBD Apple resin is a perfect blend between the taste of a sweet and tart apple, and earthy, herbal hemp. If you like fruity and authentic flavours, you'll be delighted to discover the delicious CBD Apple resin and its floral notes. Obtained from a methodical and controlled extraction of the trichomes of the cannabis plant, CBD Apple resin is packed with benefits and therapeutic virtues to offer you.

All without any trace of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and therefore, without any danger to your health. Thus, you will be able to benefit from the many relaxing properties of hemp and in particular CBD (cannabidiol). Both mentally and physically, this CBD concentrated resin will offer you an exceptional moment of relaxation, without tiring you.

The effects of Apple CBD resin

With this Apple resin in 10% CBD version, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic cannabis in a gentle way. Neither too strong nor too weak, Apple CBD 10% resin will provide you with mild to moderate soothing effects that come on quickly and are long lasting. In any case, this resinous form is still more intense than a classic CBD flower.

So you won't need to consume a lot of it to experience powerful, instant effects. Ideal for reducing stress and anxiety, this resin is also used to get quality sleep and benefit from soft mental stimulation. In the end, your physical aches and pains will be relieved for a few hours and you'll feel more joyful, in a bubble of well-being and relaxation.

The flavours of CBD Apple resin

As its name suggests, Apple resin delivers a apple scent. Whether you taste it as a taste or inhale it through a spray, you'll be able to smell its sweet and tart aromas, typical of apples.

If you wish to infuse it, remember to add a fat such as butter, milk or vegetable oil to your herbal tea to better take advantage of the benefits of cannabinoids. If you prefer to vaporize, remember to use a quality accessory to obtain a healthy and controlled steam.

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