Jelly CBD OG KUSH 22% 1G Plant of Life
Jelly CBD OG KUSH 22% 1G Plant of Life
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Jelly CBD OG KUSH 22% 1G

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Description Jelly CBD OG KUSH 22% 1G

The origin of the legendary OG Kush

Intriguing and legendaryOG Kush is a well-known variety among hemp lovers. Its origin and genetics have always been a mystery. And yet, everyone knows it very well and everyone loves it. Indeed, it is about one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world.

According to scientific research, OG Kush is derived from a cross between ChemDawg, Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush. As for the acronym OG, some people think it stands for Original Gangster, while others are convinced it stands for Ocean Grown. Whichever interpretation you give it, it remains unchallenged, one of the best cannabis strains currently available.

Presented in its 3.8% CBD versionOG Kush resin is perfect for discover the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) without the harmful effects of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). So, are you ready to discover the iconic OG Kush variety in a more concentrated form ?

The effects of OG Kush CBD resin

This resin is a highly concentrated product which has a CBD content of 22%. The effects are powerful and more suitable for savvy consumers. That said, there is no risk of overdosing with CBD. It is simply recommended to start with a lighter version and to increase the doses little by little, to better benefit from the benefits of CBD.

Physically, the OG Kush allows to relax andsoothe most pains Thanks to its Indica dominance. Mentally, it allows to stay focusedwhile being more relaxed, free from stress and anxiety. Consumed before going to sleep, it can help you to regain quality sleep and to avoid insomnia.

The flavours of OG Kush CBD resin

One of the reasons why OG Kush is so popular is because of its intense flavours that leave no one unmoved. Powerful and temperamentalthe OG Kush delivers a very pleasant smell of lemon and pinewith the help of some woody notes that come as an aftertaste. To be enjoyed as ainfusion or to be inhaled through a quality vaporizer, l’OG Kush et sa fraîcheur exceptionnelle ne risquent pas de vous décevoir.

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