CBD resin AMNESIA HAZE 10% 1G Plant of Life
CBD resin AMNESIA HAZE 10% 1G Plant of Life
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Description CBD Resin AMNESIA HAZE 10% 1G

The famous hemp variety Amnesia Haze

A real star in Dutch coffee shops, Amnesia Haze is a cannabis variety that has already won numerous international awards. And for good reason, it is soft and floral in the mouth, but powerful in the effects that it provides. Today, you can take advantage of this iconic variety in a concentrated form of CBD resin (cannabidiol).

Produced in the greatest respect of the European laws concerning industrial hemp, this resin is completely free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Thus, you will not suffer from any psychoactive effect or harmful to your health by consuming this CBD Amnesia Haze resin. If you wish to discover the multiple virtues of therapeutic hemp with one of the most popular varieties in the world, the resin Amnesia Haze and its 10% of CBD will seduce you for sure.

The CBD content of Amnesia Haze resin

This Amnesia Haze resin has a 10% CBD content. A moderate and perfectly balanced rate which can be suitable for all types of consumers. Of Sativa originAmnesia Haze 10% CBD resin is ideal for relax at any time of the day, while staying motivated and focused. Indeed, hemp varieties with a Sativa dominance tend to to boost you, to make you more productive, and even more sociable.

Mentally, this resin helps you to reduce stress and anxiety levelsand replaces these negative feelings with a sense of a sweet feeling of joy and good mood. Rest assured, CBD does not provide any psychoactive effect. It is simply to soothe you and to deliver you from mental tensions. With this Amnesia Haze resin and its 10% of CBD, you will simply be relaxed and unwound for at least a few hours.

The flavours of CBD Amnesia Haze resin

You like floral and woody scents ? You will love CBD Amnesia Haze resin. Once in your mouth, you will notice very pleasant notes of citrus, pine and pepper. Moreover, the variety Amnesia Haze is particularly appreciated for its authentic and characteristic aromas.

To take full advantage of its legendary flavoursYou can enjoy it as an herbal tea, in your dishes or inhale it with a vaporizer. No matter how you choose to administer it, you will be pleasantly surprised by the intoxicating taste of this resin of character.

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