CBD Resin BLUE CHEESE 10% 1G Plant of Life
CBD Resin BLUE CHEESE 10% 1G Plant of Life
CBD Resin

CBD resin BLUE CHEESE 10% 1G

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Description CBD resin BLUE CHEESE 10% 1G

The popular and attractive Blue Cheese variety

If you are looking for a CBD resin variety with strong and original tasteYou'll love Blue Cheese. Incomparable in flavor, Blue Cheese is an exotic hybrid of Indica dominancefrom a ingenious cross between the Cheese and the Blueberry. Since Cheese is obtained from the best Skunk strains, the final result is simply exceptional.

Whether you are an amateur or a great connoisseur of medical marijuanaDon't miss out on this Blue Cheese CBD resin. Made from an extraction of industrial hemp trichomes, Blue Cheese 10% resin is both delicious and relaxing. In fact, it is not uncommon to find the famous Blue Cheese in the best coffee shops in Amsterdam.

The benefits of CBD Blue Cheese 10% resin

With its 10% CBD contentThis Blue Cheese resin is ideal for a gentle introduction or for occasional use. Indeed, if you are not used to consuming CBD resin, it is a rate largely sufficient to get you relaxing effects that come on quickly and last for several hours. Thanks to its Indica dominant side, Blue Cheese gives you many physical benefits: muscle relaxation, pain relief, better physical recovery

That said, Blue Cheese is a versatile strain that, thanks to its Sativa facet, is unlikely to put you to sleep. Although you are physically relaxed, your mind stays focused and energetic. To consume alone or with friends, in the evening to relax or in the morning to start the day better, the CBD Blue Cheese resin is always synonymous with happiness and well-being.

Les saveurs étonnantes de la résine Blue Cheese

La résine Blue Cheese est un vrai régal pour les papilles. Au premier abord, elle délivre des odeurs sucrées qui rappellent celles de la Blueberry avec ses effluves de myrtilles. Une fois en bouche, c’est son patrimoine génétique de Skunk qui prend le dessus avec des notes âcres et acidulées, subtilement musquées.

Ce mélange âcre et sucré peut vous sembler surprenant, mais en réalité, c’est un véritable délice qui reprend les arômes d’une tarte aux myrtilles, d’un fromage affiné et d’une pointe de Skunk pour perfectionner le tout. Un dessert fruité et une explosion de saveurs, c’est ce qui vous attend avec la Blue Cheese.

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