CBD PEACH 3,8% 1G Plant of Life
CBD PEACH 3,8% 1G Plant of Life
CBD Resin

CBD PEACH resin 3,8% 1G

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Description CBD PEACH resin 3,8% 1G

The origin of Peach CBD Resin

Peach 3.8% CBD resin is the result of extraction of trichomes found on the finest cannabis buds. Scented with peach terpenes, this resin has a sweet, fruity aroma that seems almost impossible to resist. Expertly crafted in accordance with European standards, this resin does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

As a result, you will not suffer from any psychoactive, addictive or sedative effects. Only the therapeutic benefits of CBD are presented to you with this delicious Peach resin. So, if you love the sweetness and taste of peach, you're going to be seduced by Peach 3.8% CBD resin and its multiple benefits for your health.

The effects of Peach CBD resin

With this light version of 3.8% CBD, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of CBD lightly. Indeed, this is a fairly low CBD level that can be suitable even for the totally inexperienced. Although the CBD level is low, it is an ultra-concentrated resin of cannabinoids that causes more powerful relaxing effects than a conventional flower.

Even with a small amount of Peach 3.8% CBD resin, you'll already be able to feel a gentle feeling of well-being take hold. Physically, your body will be more relaxed and lighter, delivered from the tensions and aches that build up over time. Mentally, you'll be more cheerful and driven by a sense of good humour. And for good reason, CBD fights stress and anxiety effectively, so you'll have a pleasant day. If you're prone to insomnia, consuming a little of this resin before bed can also help you enjoy a restful sleep.

The flavours of Peach CBD resin

True to its name, Peach CBD resin has the taste and smell of peach. Sweet and fragrant, it is as pleasing to vaporise as it is to infuse. To make a Peach CBD resin-based tisane, you'll need to add a fat such as honey, milk or alternatively a vegetable oil to better dissolve the cannabinoids in the water. If you opt for inhalation, choose aquality vaporizer to enjoy a completely healthy smoke.

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