CBD resin WATERMELON 3,8% 1G
CBD resin WATERMELON 3,8% 1G
CBD Resin

WATERMELON CBD resin 3.8% 1G

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Description WATERMELON CBD resin 3.8% 1G

The refreshing CBD Watermelon resin

This CBD Watermelon resin is the result of a natural trichome extraction that cover the cannabis plants. In fact, CBD flowers are filled with cannabinoid-rich trichomes. Once separated, the trichomes form what is called pollen. This pollen must be pressed and heated to obtain a resinous form. Highly appreciated by hemp lovers, the resin is a concentrated and powerful productBoth in taste and effect.

In this case, this Watermelon resin is flavoured with watermelon terpenes. If you like the sweet and refreshing taste You will love this Watermelon resin and its 3.8% CBD (cannabidiol). By consuming it in an herbal tea, in a dish or through a vaporizer, you can enjoy the numerous benefits of medical cannabisWithout the harmful effects of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the molecule responsible for the psychoactive effects of hemp.

Benefits of Watermelon CBD resin

This resin has a 3.8% CBD contenta light rate that seems ideal for a gentle introduction. Although the effects are mild, they will be more intense than with a CBD flower, since it is a more concentrated product. In other words, 3.8% is already sufficient to feel relaxing effects in just minutes.

In addition, CBD Watermelon resin has analgesic and calming properties that will help you soothe your physical pain, whether it's muscle or joint related. It will also help you fight stress and anxiety, relax and regain a sense of well-being for a few hours. Its CBD content is quite low, so you can consume it at the beginning or end of the day without losing your focus or productivity.

The summery flavors of CBD Watermelon resin

Aromatized with fruity terpenes, this Watermelon resin delivers a sweet, tropical smell reminiscent of vacations, the beach and the sun. Super refreshing, its sweet watermelon flavor is a pleasant surprise for your taste buds. A cool CBD resin to accompany you all summer long, and even in winter to warm up with a fruity tasting.

To make a CBD Watermelon resin tea, it is essential to add a fat to help dissolve the cannabinoids in the water.

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