Cartridge CBD 5% BUBBLEGUM 0.75ml
Cartridge CBD 5% BUBBLEGUM 0.75ml
E-liquid CBD / E-cigarette

Cartridge Pod 5% CBD BUBBLEGUM - 0.75ml

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Description Cartridge Pod 5% CBD BUBBLEGUM - 0.75ml

Plant of Life CBD pods with Bubblegum flavor

Designed to be used with the Plant of Life electronic cigarette, the pods are also compatible with the Juul. Better than a bottle of liquid for electronic cigarette, the pods Plant of Life enriched in CBD molecule are ready to use. Within this refill, you find 5% CBD containing less than 1% THC. The molecule is extracted with the CO2 technique, an efficient extraction allowing to obtain a pure cannabidiol, without chemical residues and without psychotropic effects. Here, Plant of Life unveils a bubblegum flavored eliquid with natural terpenes. All to vapoter without guilt and relax gently!

A vape with a delicious flavor of bubble gum

When the combustion starts, the lips land on the electronic cigarette and we suck a delicate sweet flavor imprinted with memories of childhood. The cartridge pod CBD 5% Bubblegum Plant of Life guarantees a tasty and rich vapotage in all circumstances. Within this container, you will find propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural flavor and a dosage of 5% CBD soothing. In other words, from the first inhalation, you taste a green composition sprinkled with a greedy Bubblegum flavor. It's ideal for vapers who love dessert!

The benefits of an eliquid with 5% CBD

Remove the rubber protection, insert the cartridge in your vapoteuse and enjoya synergy of benefits. Flavored 5% CBD vaping liquids offer you a delicate, light relaxation with a well-balanced intense aroma. Nevertheless, CBD eliquids also have other benefits. Indeed, they help fight against addiction, that's why they are recommended to stop smoking. The CBD molecule acts on the cannabinoid receptors in the brain and produces the same sensations as cigarettes, except that the CBD eliquid is free of nicotine. Therefore, the ecigarette helps you during a smoking cessation or helps reduce your smoking.

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