Cartridge Pod 5% CBD OG KUSH - 0.75ml
Cartridge Pod 5% CBD OG KUSH - 0.75ml
E-liquid CBD / E-cigarette

Pod 5% CBD OG KUSH Cartridge - 0,75ml

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Description Pod 5% CBD OG KUSH Cartridge - 0,75ml

A Plant of Life pod OG Kush flavor for a qualitative vape

Compatible with the ecigarette Juul, the cartridge CBD flavor OG Kush Plant of Life is usually vapored with electronic cigarettes Plant of Life. Behind the capacity of this pod OG Kush, you find with 5% cannabidiol extracted with the CO2 technique. A popular process that allows to obtain a pure CBD molecule without chemical residues. Each bottle Plant of Life contains less than 1% THC, so the vapoteur enjoys a pleasant and psychotropic effects free vape. In other words, choosing Plant of Life eliquids is a healthy solution offering a qualitative and safe vaping

A CBD vaping with a plant flavor of OG Kush

Plant of Life's OG Kush flavour eliquid cartridge contains no nicotine levels, simply a sumptuous blend of natural ingredients. A synergy that includes propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and a natural flavor. The OG Kush flavor eliquid is flavored with natural terpenes. These are hydrocarbons naturally found in plants, components that activate the benefits of CBD and bring concentrated flavors to life. With this mixture, the therapeutic virtues are also more concentrated. The combustion allows a delicate inhalation with a well-balanced OG Kush scent.

The benefits of electronic cigarette liquid with 5% CBD

The electronic cigarette has changed the way we smoke and the eliquid is gradually replacing the traditional cigarette. Vapoter reproduces the same gesture as that of the smoker, that is why the pod OG Kush with CBD 5% of Plant of Life is a support in smoking cessation. The relaxation and effects of CBD on your cannabinoid receptors help to quit smoking or help support the smoker who is trying to cut down. With a nicotine-free dosage, the eliquid is healthier, but also more enjoyable. In addition, the consumption of CBD also helps to improve the quality of your sleep and it participates in the relaxation of the body and mind ..

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