MANGO KUSH 5% CBD Cartridge - 0.75ml
MANGO KUSH 5% CBD Cartridge - 0.75ml
E-liquid CBD / E-cigarette

MANGO KUSH 5% CBD Pod Cartridge - 0,75ml

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Description MANGO KUSH 5% CBD Pod Cartridge - 0,75ml

The cartridge of CBD eliquid flavor Mango Kush signed Plant Of Life

Plant of Life guarantees you the best of the vape with qualitative and ready to use liquid cartridges. Open your box, remove the cover and insert your pod into your Plant of Life vaporizer to invade your body with a soothing inhalation. The Juul vapoteur can also benefit from it since the Plant of Life eliquid with CBD flavor Mango Kush is compatible with this type of ecigarette. At Plant of Life, the CBD molecule is extracted with the CO2 technique. In other words, the cannabidiol is free of chemical residues.

Mango Kush, a CBD vape with a Mango Kush flavor liquid

When you put your lips on the electronic cigarette, your breath sucks in a plant flavor of Mango Kush. The Plant of Life eliquid bottle contains a natural blend of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and natural flavoring created with natural terpenes. Within this synergy, a 5% dosage of CBD intrudes, it is pure and has a THC content of less than 1%. You can vapoter without fear and enjoy the balanced flavors of your eliquid without any psychotropic effect.

The benefits of eliquid for electronic cigarette CBD

The CBD vape is ideal to stop smoking! Figure that the CBD molecule reaches the cannabinoid receptors and causes a mild sensation of relaxation. Vaping cannabidiol reduces stress and contributes to a gentle relaxation. In other words, the smoker who wants to reduce their smoking habit can rely on Plant of Life pods to begin their smoking cessation.

Saying goodbye to tobacco and your pack of cigarettes is not the only benefit of CBD vaping. In fact,inhaling cannabidiol through a vaping machine helps to improve sleep quality. A 5% dosage offers a mild, yet relaxing experience. In other words, it's ideal for achieving a comfortable good mood, all with a sweet Mango Kush scent

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