Cartridge Pod 5% CBD PINEAPPLE - 0.75ml
Cartridge Pod 5% CBD PINEAPPLE - 0.75ml
E-liquid CBD / E-cigarette

PINEAPPLE 5% CBD Pod Cartridge - 0.75ml

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Description PINEAPPLE 5% CBD Pod Cartridge - 0.75ml

Plant of life banana eliquid with 5% CBD

Want to travel with your vapoteuse? Turn to the Plant of Life CBD eliquid flavored with pineapple. It offers you a balanced and pleasant experience that leads to a light soothing and all thanks to CBD. At Plant of Life, CBD is meticulously extracted from cannabinaceous plants using the CO2 technique. An extraction that delivers a pure molecule free of chemical residues. Here, the ecigarette liquid contains a dosage of 5% CBD, less than 0.01% THC and no trace of nicotine. This composition eliminates the presence of carcinogenic substances and psychotropic effects. You keep the best of the plant!

A pod cartridge with a flavor full of freshness

Better than the red fruit or mint flavor, enjoy an exotic pineapple flavored vape liquid. Plant of Life's Pineapple with 5% CBD flavour has a liquid base containing propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The freshness of the taste comes from natural terpenes extracted from natural plants. This is a natural flavour that works in synergy with the CBD molecule. In this way, the therapeutic effects are enhanced by the presence of nature's own flavours. Each bottle of Pineapple Plant of Life produces a well-balanced fruity and sweet flavor for vaping in complete peace of mind! These concentrated flavors mask the cannabidiol flavor and make vaping deliciously fruity.

A liquid for electric cigarette rich in therapeutic benefits

This vape impregnates your mouth with a pineapple-scented inhalation. It is delicious, but also rich in therapeutic benefits. The low percentage of CBD is ideal for a gradual and gentle relaxing effect. That's why it's aimed at beginner CBD users. The 5% of CBD offers therapeutic benefits soothing and allowing a beneficial relaxation. The cannabidiol molecule diffuses into your body and activates cannabinoid receptors. This effect triggers a slight release of tension. The consumption of CBD therefore offers the possibility to regulate stress and promote quality sleep. Also take advantage of the effects of CBD to stop smoking. Indeed, the electronic cigarette replaces your cigarettes and bad habits to reduce your addiction gently. It is a smoking cessation that helps you control your smoking as you go

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