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CBD in France: chronicle of an unprecedented craze

Clearly, the era of cannabidiol demonization is far behind us. According to the figures of the Interprofession of hemp trades (Inter Chanvre), France would have no less than 7 million regular or occasional consumers of CBD products. This is more than 12% of the population... an astonishing proportion when you consider that the market for cannabidiol products is still nascent in France.

To meet this demand, which is not about to wane, the sector is being structured, with a range of products that is expanding to meet the expectations of different profiles. Today, legal hemp aficionados are spoiled for choice with different forms, at smart prices and without compromising on quality:

  • CBD Flower and Leaf
  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Wax;
  • CBD Crystals;
  • CBD Infusions
  • CBD treats (candy, chewing gum, lozenges, etc.);
  • CBD Pollens
  • CBD resins or hashes.

Like cannabidiol flowers and oils, CBD resin and pollen are among the industry's "historic" formats. It must be said that they combine the advantages, both for Sunday consumers who want to learn about the effects of CBD, more experienced users who are looking for a legal cannabis product with a high rate of CBD and purists who want a CBD with frank aromas, organic taste and generous terpenes.

What is CBD resin?

Resin, or hash (for hashish), is a natural extract from the hemp plant, usually of the Cannabis L. Sativa or Cannabis Indica varieties. . In many respects, the resin is the very essence of the hemp plant from which it is extracted, whether in terms of the CBD concentration (and of cannabinoids of the CBN and CBG type), but also and above all in terms of the terpenes with a strong taste. CBD resin is so rich in terpenes because the flowers are processed immediately after harvest. The terpenes remain almost intact, as they have not yet been disturbed by the drying process.

CBD resin comes in the form of a gold-colored liquid with a viscous texture. Note that CBD resin thickens in cool weather and melts into a golden butter under the effect of heat.

How are CBD resins produced?

CBD resin is produced by extracting hemp flowers (Cannabis L. Sativa or Cannabis Indica) immediately after harvest. Fresh hemp flowers are removed and sent directly to the cannabidiol extraction infrastructure. The exponential growth in demand for CBD resin and pollen has prompted some producers to industrialize the process of manufacturing CBD resin, sometimes freezing freshly harvested hemp flowers to preserve the terpenes and organoleptic properties of the product before to proceed with the extraction.

Typically, cannabidiol resins are made through a supercritical CO2 extraction process. This is an innovative extraction method that results in a very clean product, without residual contaminants. Once this phase is complete, the product rich in CBD, cannabinoids (CBG and CBN) and terpenes undergoes heat treatment (low levels of heat) to ensure that all CO2 is removed without affect the concentration of terpenes. It is then mixed with a carrier oil. The CBD hash obtained must be packaged in its pot immediately to guarantee the customer a premium quality resin.

What is the advantage of CBD resin over other formats?

CBD resin is highly valued by purists because it divinely captures the characterful, authentic taste of the hemp plant in full bloom. The essence of the plant is preserved, and the organoleptic specificities of the strain are restored to the delight of aficionados of good cannabidiol.

It should be remembered that the majority of hemp extracts are made with dried and hardened buds, which causes the final product to lose some of its trichomes, flavors and cannabinoids. By instantly freezing the buds (or processing them immediately after harvest), it is possible to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp flowers without degrading them, as long as light, heat and oxidation do not intervene at any time in the process. The result is therefore a premium quality product, with exceptional organoleptic properties.

CBD resins and pollens: what's the difference?

CBD pollen is a concentrate of trichomes, also extracted from the Cannabis L. Sativa or Cannabis Indica type hemp plant. Its CBD content is particularly high, and the high content of terpenes guarantees a richness in the taste and aromas of the product. But unlike CBD resin, pollens are dry and solid extracts whose trichomes have not been transformed. Also, CBD pollens are not mixed with an oil.

Practical note: You will recognize pollens by their compact shape and much lighter hue.

How to consume CBD resin?

Unlike CBD oil and edibles, the resin does not come ready to eat. The product indeed requires a little effort on your part for you to enjoy the organic taste as well as the benefits on the body and mind. You have two options for consuming your CBD resin:

  • Consuming CBD resin by inhalation. If you opt for this mode of consumption, we advise you to use a vaporizer, which preserves a correct yield of the CBD molecule while reducing the impact on the lungs.
  • Consuming CBD resin orally. Thanks to its richness in terpenes, CBD resin shines with its natural taste, flavors and aromas. The product can be used perfectly as an ingredient to spice up everyday dishes. You can grate your CBD resin to make shavings, or even melt the product in a fatty substance (olive oil, butter) and use it as a seasoning. The first step is to make up your own mind about taste to determine which dishes may be "receptive" to this unique ingredient. You can finally consume your CBD resin in a cannabidiol infusion.

On average, the CBD concentration of pollen and resin is higher than that of flowers, oils and other hemp products with almost zero THC levels (excluding CBD crystals). This is why the dosage is usually reduced. Consumers who wish to learn about the effects and virtues of cannabidiol must be content with a microdose of between 0.5 and 20 mg per day. They can then increase this dosage in increments of 5 mg per day after a few days until the desired effects are achieved. The absence of THC guarantees the absence of any psychotropic effect.

How to recognize good CBD resin?

Here are the four characteristics that distinguish good CBD resins:

  • Color: Generally, CBD hashish is green. The color may be rather light or dark;
  • Texture: CBD resin should be viscous (sticky texture);
  • Trichomes: If your product contains white hairs, it is good quality;
  • The pistils: they must be golden brown.

Do you have questions about CBD? Here are the most common questions

What is CBD resin?

CBD resin is a natural product of cannabinaceous plants, better known as Cannabis Sativa or Indian Hemp.

These plants have long been used by man to create textiles and later for food and its many medicinal virtues.

Nowadays, research has succeeded in bringing to light the therapeutic power behind a cannabis plant.

Even though research is still ongoing, the results have already allowed us to understand how cannabinoid molecules react and interact with our bodies.

Cannabidiol, aka CBD, appears to be a molecule rich in active ingredients beneficial to the body and mind.

Benefits that can be found in CBD resin.

This resin is one of the forms of CBD; it looks like hash for recreational use but is devoid of psychotropic effects and full of therapeutic benefits!

To obtain it, growers use hemp pollen extracted from the plant before being gathered into a ball.

Cannabis resin is thus obtained by extracting the hemp plant.

How to consume CBD resin?

Cannabidiol resin is a more or less soft and sticky paste that you can consume in different ways.

Indeed, it comes in handy for cooking CBD dishes! Just add it to your culinary compositions sparingly.

You can also consume CBD resin by vaporization; for this, you have to invest in a vaporizer.

Inhalation is also a recommended mode of consumption for this type of cannabidiol product.

Some medical cannabis consumers do not hesitate to smoke it, however mixing this product with tobacco and ingesting it by combustion is not recommended for your health.

You may also ingest tar, nicotine, and many other harmful substances.

How to recognize CBD resin?

To recognize CBD resin (or CBD pollen), you need to pay attention to four essential factors:
- Its colour: as a rule, CBD hash is green. It may be rather light or dark in color.
- Its texture: a good quality resin or pollen resides in the texture. If you touch the product and find that it is sticky: that is a good sign!
- Its trichomes: if your product contains white hairs, that's a good point too!
- Its golden pistils: make sure the pistils are golden.

Why CBD resin brand Plant of Life?

Designed with the greatest care and tested in the laboratory, Plant of Life's CBD resins are made from hemp plants carefully selected for their quality.

This care, taken in the cultivation of medical cannabis and the production of CBD resin, allows you to enjoy consistent quality and excellent products. The wide range of Plant of Life offers you the possibility to choose between several flavours and dosages.

So you can adapt your desires and needs to your CBD hashish.

What is the difference between CBD molecules and THC?

Thanks to the numerous researches, scientists have discovered CBD and THC, two complementary and yet so different molecules. THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is a drug and causes harmful effects on the body, which is why this molecule is classified as a drug.

Unlike CBD, cannabidiol, which is not a psychoactive molecule but rather a beneficial plant substance.

CBD does not cause euphoria or hallucinations. No risk of getting high.

Moreover, the legalization of cannabis concerns only CBD, and precisely, science allows today to modify the cannabis seed so that it produces only a rate of 0,2 % of THC.

It is from these feminized seeds that cannabidiol and subsequently CBD resin are born.

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