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    ❤️ - Favorite CBD Oil:Grams Relief (Pain) 10ml 10%
    ☄️ - Most powerful CBD oil:Chanvreo Broad Spectrum 10ml 40%

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    What is CBD oil

    Cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil, is a combination of CBD-rich hemp extracts and a vegetable oil, most commonly follow coconut oil, olive oil or MCT oil. The cbd or cannabidiol oils found commercially in France are generally extracted from the hemp plant variety Cannabis L. Sativa or Cannabis Indica.

    In the French CBD product sector, cbd oils are among the formats most favored by consumers, along with cannabidiol flowers and leaves. The product comes in the form of a bottle containing a dark green (raw oil), orange or brown (decarboxylated oil) or clear (filtered oil) liquid.

    Is CBD oil legal in France?

    Like all products containing cannabidiol, CBD oils are governed by European decree n°639 - 2014. Their legality therefore depends on the use of authorized ingredients as well as the THC concentration, which must be less than 0.3%, guaranteeing the absence of any psychotropic effects under French legislation.

    Of course, all CBD oils marketed in France by 321 CBD comply with current regulations. You can therefore make your choice from our cbd boutique's available stock with complete peace of mind to improve your sleep, reduce your stress or relieve your chronic pain.

    Why is oil considered the most convenient CBD format?

    CBD oil is a convenient, discreet and formidably effective format for relieving chronic pain, finding sleep and reducing stress and anxiety:

    • Unlike CBD leaves and flowers, which need to be diluted in hot water to make an infusion, cbd oils are delivered ready to consume, in liquid or cbd capsule form.
    • Cbd oil is the only format that can be consumed sublingually, i.e. by administering drops of cbd under the tongue for rapid absorption and near-instantaneous effects.
    • CBD oil allows precise dosing, whether in liquid or cbd capsules. Depending on the cannabidiol concentration (and cannabinoids for full spectrum and broad spectrum cbd oils), each drop will contain a set amount of product. Consumers can experiment with dosage until they achieve the desired effects on stress, pain or sleep.
    • Cbd oil can be used to season everyday dishes, both to enhance their taste with its raw flavours and to diffuse the effects of cbd throughout the day.
    • The range of cbd oils available is very broad. Consumers can play with several parameters to find the CBD oil that best suits their body and objectives: CBD content, cannabinoid concentration in the case of full or broad spectrum cbd oils (CBG, CBN...), plant of origin (Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica), cultivation method (organic, indoor, outdoor, Greenhouse), spectrum (full, broad, isolate), extraction method, liquid or capsules... the hardest part will be choosing. Don't hesitate to tell us what you need on Live Chat or by phone. We'll help you make an informed choice to enjoy all the benefits of cbd oils and CBD capsules.

    I consume CBD oils and wish to remain discreet

    CBD oil is therefore the preferred format. Delivered in a discreet bottle anywhere in France, CBD oil can be consumed on the fly, unlike legal hemp leaves and flowers, which must be heated. You can also pour the product into a neutral bottle, as long as it's dark or amber to protect the oil from the sun's rays. You can easily pass the product off as an essential oil or serum. Note: CBD capsules are even more discreet, but cannot be taken sublingually. CBD's properties are then assimilated more slowly by the body.

    All our cbd oils come in neutral white packaging. No one can guess the contents, or deduce from its appearance that it's hemp oil. Because consuming hemp oil is your personal choice and must remain confidential.

    Why consume CBD oil?

    CBD oil has been the subject of unprecedented excitement from the scientific community since the mid-2010s. Here's a summary of the benefits of cbd oils:

    • Analgesic effect. In the right dosage, cbd hemp oil helps relieve mild to moderate chronic pain.
    • Anti-inflammatory properties, especially with topical cbd hemp oil used to relieve sore muscles and joints.
    • Soothing effect. CBD (and other cannabinoids present in the hemp plant such as CBG and CBN) interacts with the endocannabinoid system to induce a state of soothing and relaxation without any psychotropic effect (THC levels virtually nil). These relaxing properties specific to cbd and cbd oils help improve sleep by promoting rapid onset of sleep and reducing REM sleep disorders such as nocturnal verbalization and muscle spasms.

    If you'd like to find out more about why you should consume cbd hemp oil, you can check out the literature reviews we regularly publish on our blog

    What are the different types of CBD oils?

    CBD oils can be classified according to several criteria:

    • Method of oil extraction CBD: oil-based extraction, solvent extraction, supercritical CO2 extraction, etc.
    • Type of hemp cultivation: hemp grown indoors, outdoors, Greenhouse, organic cbd or organically grown. Like foods that can be organic or not, organic cbd can be found. Organic cbd is of course a guarantee of quality, but remains very rare today, given that almost the entire cbd raw material is imported from neighboring European countries.
    • CBD oil potency. As a general rule, cbd oils offered to the general public have a cannabidiol concentration of between 5% and 40%. The higher the potency of cbd oils, the fewer cbd drops you'll need for the same effect.
    • CBD oil spectrum: full spectrum or broad spectrum, isolate (or pure CBD).

    This last criterion makes the main difference in the type of CBD oil... which brings us to the next point.

    What's the difference between full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate CBD oil?

    The spectrum of CBD oil refers to all the components of the product. Depending on the manufacturing process and extraction method, CBD oil may in fact lose some of the components of the hemp plant's active ingredients:

    • Full-spectrum CBD oil. The product contains CBD, other cannabinoids (CBG, CBN...), terpenes, essential oils and possibly added products such as vitamin C, MCT, coconut... (especially for capsules). It's a dietary supplement rich in benefits.
    • Broad-spectrum CBD oil. The product contains the majority of the components of full spectrum CBD oil, with the exception of added products and possibly some cannabinoids that may disappear upon extraction.
    • Isolate-type CBD oil. This is a pure CBD oil. There is little demand for CBD isolate, as the product does not benefit from the synergy between the different components of the hemp plant (entourage effect).

    Of course, all the CBD oils and capsules we offer have THC levels below 0.3%, whatever their spectrum. Here's a table summarizing the main differences between the different types of CBD oils.

    Table 1 - Comparison of CBD oils Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and CBD Isolat

    Characteristics of CBD oil

    Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

    CBD isolate






    < 0.2% (vigilance)



    Other cannabinoids (CBG, CBC, CBN, CBNA)












    Smell and taste




    Format available for this product

    Oil, spirit

    Oil, alcoholate

    CBD crystals or powder

    How to consume CBD oil

    CBD oil can be consumed in three ways, depending on your goals:

    • Consume cannabidiol oil sublingually. This is the most recommended method of application, as it allows you to enjoy the benefits of the product almost immediately. Simply place a few drops of CBD (depending on cannabidiol content) under the tongue and wait 60 to 90 seconds for the product to be absorbed by the sublingual mucosa. Use the pipette bottle to control dosage.
    • Consume cannabidiol oil topically. Like argan oil, olive oil and castor oil, CBD oil can be consumed topically or dermally. It is an excellent moisturizing and protective agent for dry or acne-prone skin. Consumed topically, CBD oil also deploys its anti-inflammatory properties to relieve muscle pain, joint stiffness, redness, irritation, etc.
    • Consume cannabidiol oil orally. Enjoy the raw taste and organic flavors of cannabidiol by seasoning your dishes with full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD oil. When taken orally, CBD diffuses its active ingredients evenly throughout the day.

    What concentration should you choose for your Cannabidiol oil?

    We recommend starting with a 5% CBD oil or capsules to familiarize yourself with the product and evaluate your body's reaction to the molecule's interaction with the endocannabinoid system.

    If you're a regular CBD user, you can directly consume a cannabidiol oil with a concentration of between 15% and 20%. To note: your weight plays a role in the dosage and quantity to be consumed. Strong people will likely need a higher concentration of cannabidiol to find sleep, relieve pain or reduce stress.

    What dosage of oil to find sleep?

    If you suffer from sleep problems (insomnia or REM sleep disorders), we recommend consuming your cannabidiol oil sublingually (drops under the tongue), with intake one to two hour(s) before going to bed. The amount of CBD oil you should consume to help you fall asleep depends on your body weight and the CBD concentration of the product. Here are our recommendations as a guide.

    Table 2 - Tips for using CBD oil to improve sleep


    Quantity (in mg of product)

    Quantity (in number of drops of product)

    40 kg

    20 mg per day

    4 drops

    50 kg

    25 mg per day

    5 drops

    60 kg

    30 mg per day

    6 drops

    70 kg

    35 mg per day

    7 drops

    80 kg

    40 mg per day

    8 drops

    90 kg

    45 mg per day

    9 drops

    100 kg

    50 mg per day

    10 drops

    Feel free to experiment with the different parameters of your hemp oil intake to make up your own mind (CBD concentration, amount of oil, frequency, time of intake, full or broad spectrum). If, for example, you find that you fall asleep too quickly, take it an hour earlier. If sleep comes on suddenly with a slightly sudden relaxation, you can switch to the lower dosage by reducing the number of drops.

    How to choose the right CBD oil?

    Want to experiment with consuming quality CBD oil to gratify your body and mind with its many benefits? Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice:

    • The best CBD oils are made by CO2 extraction. Alcohol extraction is also acceptable.
    • Organic CBD oils that come from organic hemp crops, reputable farms and European hemp producers (France, Switzerland, Italy) are often the best, but still remain rare.
    • The best CBD oils are packaged in a dark or amber bottle to protect the product from UV rays.

    To help you, we've produced detailed product sheets that include CBD concentration, THC levels (always below 0.3%), plant of origin (Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica), indications (sleep, stress pain...), dosage, etc. You'll also find user reviews and ratings for each product.

    What are the side effects of CBD oil?

    Cbd hemp oil is known for its positive effects on the immune system, and its various soothing effects, but it also have a few side effects, depending on the case.

    The question is a legitimate one, especially if you want to consume cbd hemp oil or CBD capsules for the first time. Before we go any further, here's the opinion of the World Health Organization's (WHO) expert committee:"CBD does not appear to present any potential for abuse or harm to health" (statement published in 2017).

    As you browse through our literature reviews on our blog, you'll notice that clinical studies based on high-dosage drugs are very well tolerated by patients, most often with a few mild and temporary side effects, including mild drowsiness or slightly disrupted transit.

    Of course, commercially available products have much lower dosages, and side effects are mild or non-existent. If you have a reaction, stop taking them immediately and consult your doctor.

    If you have a reaction, stop taking them immediately and consult your doctor.

    Understanding the difference between CBD molecules and THC

    ThC and CBD are both essential components of the hemp plant. Unlike CBD, THC has a psychoactive effect. In fact, it's the molecule responsible for the "high" effect of cannabis. In France, only cannabidiol products with a near-zero THC content (less than 0.3%) are authorized. Naturally, all the CBD hemp oils we offer come from legal strains.

    321 CBD, a wide selection of cannabidiol oils

    321 CBD offers you its complete range with certified and original cannabis oils at the best value in europe. Our products for your well-being come from the best CBD cultures in France, Switzerland and Italy and are tested by independent laboratories specialized in medical cannabis and CBD. Objective: to validate CBD concentration and THC levels. Our know-how, and that of our partners in Europe, ensures you 100% natural cannabidiol oils that contain no impurities.

    Our 4 star products, Nerobi brand CBD oils, come in a 10 or 30 ml bottle with progressive CBD levels ranging from 5% to 40% to meet every need, increase your well-being, reduce your pain. So your consumption can go crescendo following a progressive dosage according to the effects you feel.

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