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    CBD for animals: cascading health benefits for our four-legged friends!

    Extracted from the hemp plant, including Cannabis L. Sativa or Cannabis Indica varieties, the CBD molecule acts on the endocannabinoid system of humans and animals. company to exert a relaxing and soothing effect, provide analgesic properties and express anti-inflammatory properties.

    Full spectrum CBD oils also contain other cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN that complement the action of CBD to improve the quality of life of your four-legged friend. Of course, the almost zero THC level guarantees the absence of any psychotropic or high effect, in accordance with the legislation in force in France. So what are the health benefits of CBD for pets?

    • Analgesic effect. Whether it is taken from an oil, treats, lozenges or capsules, the CBD molecule relieves the pain of your pets.
    • Anti-inflammatory effect. The localized or topical application of CBD oil helps relieve muscle and joint inflammation in dogs and cats.
    • CBD supports healthy bone and cartilage function in cats and dogs. CBD oil, lozenges and capsules CBD contribute to the preservation of the full mobility of your faithful companion;
    • CBD and good cannabinoids support brain function in pets;
    • The calming and relaxing effect of CBD helps relieve stress and anxiety in cats and dogs and thus promotes the emotional balance of the animal;
    • The soothing effect of CBD promotes healthy and restful sleep, including rapid falling asleep as well as action on disorders REM sleep. Your pet will return to a balanced sleep cycle, with a substantial impact on their health and quality of life.
    • CBD oil strengthens the immune defenses of pets.

    How to give CBD oil to your pet?

    Do you want to integrate CBD oils, capsules and lozenges into the daily life of your cat, dog or rodent to provide them with the many benefits of the molecule? Only your veterinarian can advise you based on the state of health of your pet but also on its weight, the sensitivity of its endocannabinoid system or even its personality. However, here are some practical tips for administering CBD oil to your pet.

    Giving CBD oil to a cat

    Of all the pets, the cat is undoubtedly the most assertive and the least indulgent, especially when it comes to convincing it to ingest an unusual product. Unless you have a particularly docile cat, you will have to use a few tricks to get it to consume CBD oil:

    • If your cat is not very particular about food (lucky you!), you can opt for a full spectrum CBD oil. These oils contain several cannabinoids and therefore maximize the benefits. Cats who are a little finicky will probably refuse to ingest this product because the flavor of hemp is very present in it;
    • If your cat is more picky about its diet, opt for a neutral CBD oil instead;
    • Regardless of the CBD oil chosen, here's how to do it: using the dropper contained in the bottle, drop a few drops of oil of CBD in your cat's favorite food (including treats). Note: place the drops on the top of the treats so that they do not filter towards the base of the bowl;
    • There are topical CBD oils, which are applied directly to your cat's "bare" skin, especially inside the ear. Ask your veterinarian for advice.

    Giving CBD oil to a dog

    As a rule, dogs are less picky about the contents of the bowl. You can therefore opt for a CBD oil full of cannabinoids (full spectrum), to be administered by dropper directly on your dog's tongue, or to be mixed with his favorite treats.

    CBD for animals: what side effects?

    Traceable, rigorously tested and 100% compliant with current legislation (almost zero THC levels), our CBD products for animals come from the best producers in France, Switzerland and Italy. As a rule, side effects occur if the CBD dosage is too high, especially if the animal's endocannabinoid system is not yet accustomed to cannabidiol. When they occur, the side effects of CBD are mild and temporary in the animal, without lasting impact on its state of health:

    • A decrease in saliva production. Too high a dosage of CBD oil can cause dry mouth in cats or dogs. Animals usually react to these side effects by sticking out their tongues and/or drinking more than usual;
    • A feeling of dizziness in the animal. Too high a dosage of CBD oil can lower blood pressure in animals. In cats and dogs, these side effects manifest as loss of balance and staggering gait.
    • Difficulty sleeping (hyper-somnolence). By interacting with the endocannabinoid system of animals, CBD oil (but also CBD lozenges, capsules and treats) has a calming and soothing effect. The use of too high a dose of cannabidiol and cannabinoids can therefore destabilize the sleep cycle of your pets, with in particular hyper-somnolence which can last between one and three day(s).
    • Other transient side effects can be experienced in pets with too high a dose of CBD: numbness, vomiting , irritability, fatigue, etc.

    Is CBD for pets legal in France?

    As with all cannabidiol and cannabinoid products, CBD products for pets (especially cats and dogs) are governed by European Decree No. 639 – 2014. In the eyes of the legislator, a cannabidiol product extracted of the Cannabis L. Sativa or Cannabis Indica variety is legal as long as its THC concentration is less than 0.3%, guaranteeing the absence of any psychotropic effect.

    Our CBD oils for pets are 100% compliant with the legislation in force in France (THC < 0.3). So you can choose your CBD product with confidence to relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, balance the sleep cycle and improve the quality of life of your four-legged friends, at a smart price.

    The best CBD oils for animals at 321CBD

    Rigorously selected from the best producers in France, Switzerland and Italy, our CBD oils for pets improve the quality of life of your cat, dog or rodent. Our products are offered to you at the best price, in home delivery, to bring calm, relief and serenity to your four-legged friends.

    Do you have questions about CBD? Here are the most common questions

    What is CBD oil for animals?

    CBD oil for animals is a liquid in oil form that contains a natural molecule from the hemp plant, cannabidiol. This substance helps animals manage their aches and pains, daily anxiety, tense moments, internal inflammation, and various ailments that affect their health.

    CBD oil comes in a pipette bottle and is administered to animals drop by drop. Each animal is different and requires dosing as well as personalized monitoring. CBD oil dosing is based on criteria such as the animal's weight, resistance, health status, and mood.

    Depending on how the animal's health or stress status changes, more or fewer products can be administered to achieve better results. Overall, CBD oil improves the quality of life, mood, and daily life of animals, while providing a feeling of well-being.

    What animals can be given CBD?

    Scientific studies show that the animals that can benefit from CBD oil are:

    • dogs
    • cats
    • rodents
    • and other pets.

    CBD is a natural and non-psychoactive molecule, has no contraindication for animals or humans. However, the consumption of CBD by animals is different from that of humans and requires adjustments to be fully beneficial.

    How to give CBD to your pet?

    Scientific studies show that CBD oil has very positive effects on the health and mood of animals daily. In fact, CBD is a non-psychoactive and natural substance that is very beneficial for treating symptoms of diseases whose source or cures are challenging to define.

    For example, Oil of CBD has been shown to be a very potent anticonvulsant for animals with epilepsy. It is also an excellent remedy for osteoarthritis in dogs as it works on pain and increases mobility in animals with a positive diagnosis of osteoarthritis. Studies on the subject are growing and show great promise for the future of CBD oil and the health of animals.

    How can CBD help my dog, cat, small animals?

    CBD has fantastic effects on animals like:

    • reducing anxiety and panic attacks.
    • the reduction of chronic pain and inflammation.

    It can also improve skin problems by being administered in dermal form using a CBD cream. Once the proper dosage of CBD is determined for the pet, the pet will experience relief in both physical and psychological health.

    The animal is in better shape, is more active, responds better to its owners' requests, and is happier and more playful. The effects of CBD can be seen after only a few days of consumption. For the first time, however, an adaptation period with small doses of CBD oil is necessary to avoid rushing the animal and determine its degree of resistance to this new product. 

    How to give CBD oil to animals?

    Giving CBD oil to pets is very easy. It is possible to administer CBD oil via the pipette of the bottle directly into the animal's mouth. The second easiest way to give CBD oil to an animal is through its food.

    You can add CBD oil by pouring some into his water or soaking his kibble. You can also add drops of CBD oil that match his dosage into his snack or any other treat that you usually give him.

    It's important to always adhere to CBD dosage that matches your pet's intake and not get carried away with putting too much in their food or water. Animals are smaller beings than humans whose bodies are more sensitive to changes.

    What dose of CBD oil for pets?

    The dose of CBD that should be administered to pets varies according to the animal's size, weight, health, and mood. Indeed, every being is different and needs a personalized dose of CBD, including humans.

    Therefore, it is important to ensure that the pet's health condition allows it to tolerate natural substances such as CBD. If your pet has specific medical conditions, turn to an animal health professional to determine the ideal dose for their situation.

    If your pet does not have any specific medical conditions, do not hesitate to calculate a basic dose to give for the first time and to keep a daily diary of his reactions to this novelty.

    If he reacts well, you can increase the doses until you reach the ideal amount of CBD for him. For more information on CBD dosing for pets, check out our article Can CBD help pets fight anxiety?

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