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Find all the food products like organic hemp powder and organic hemp seeds. Other products will soon be available for your pleasure. Voir plus ...

Find all our delicacies and food products based on CBD. 321CBD offers chocolate bars containing hemp seeds, protein powder, candies, lozenges, gummies or CBD chewing gum…

We even have cookies, CBD brownies and spread for the sweet tooth! Finally, our infusions and teas will bring you welcome moments of relaxation at any time of the day!

Browse our catalog and fill your basket without delay with these CBD delicacies.

CBD diet: why consume CBD?

There are plenty of reasons to add CBD to your diet. First of all, it is an accessible way for everyone to benefit from the effects of cannabidiol. Not everyone necessarily wants to smoke, use an electronic cigarette or resin. Even the original hemp taste of CBD oil may offend some palates.

By adding hemp protein powder, a few drops of edible oil or a bit of terpsolator to your smoothies or dishes, you will enjoy the benefits of CBD without you report it!

And if you like the taste of CBD, opt for natural (or flavored) herbal teas, CBD gummies or chocolate!

In addition, hemp is considered a superfood: it contains vitamins and minerals essential for the proper functioning of the body: omega-3, amino acids , etc. It is suitable for most diets.

And thanks to all the food products offered by 321CBD, you will necessarily find the product you need to add CBD to your daily consumption.

The benefits of CBD in food

By incorporating CBD (cannabidiol) into your diet, you allow the molecule to quickly reach the endocannabinoid system through the mucous membranes.

CBD will then act on your nervous system to soothe it and reduce pain signals. Consuming CBD in your diet will therefore allow you to be more relaxed during the day, to leave less room for stress and anxiety, and to suffer less from various body pains.

Generally, here are the benefits obtained from consuming CBD:

  • Better nights sleep (faster falling asleep, fewer nightmares and waking up during the night),

  • Less daily stress,

  • Decreased feeling of anxiety,

  • Reduction of pain (back, joints, osteoarthritis, menstruation…),

  • Improved digestion,

  • Regained concentration,

  • Reduced migraines and headaches,

  • Etc.

321CBD's advice: always add fat to the preparations in which you incorporate CBD. The cannabidiol molecule being lipophilic, it is then better assimilated by the body.

Combining relaxation and pleasure thanks to CBD

Our selection of CBD edibles contains chocolate, cookies, brownies and other CBD treats.

Enough to offer you a real moment of relaxation and well-being at any time of the day!

CBD diet: the different products

We offer several product lines to facilitate CBD consumption:

  • Infusions and teas: you can drink them at any time of the day. Choose from our different ranges (CBD infusions for sleep, infusions for concentration, or infusions for energy for example),

  • CBD chocolate: 321CBD offers a selection of chocolate bars flavored with CBD or containing real hemp seeds,

  • CBD gummies: this small format allows you to consume CBD discreetly and to perfectly control your CBD intake,

  • CBD flour: thanks to it, you can simmer delicious dishes or desserts taking advantage of the virtues of hemp,

  • CBD honey: Bring good sugars to your body with CBD honey. A gourmet and simple way to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol!

Our tips for CBD recipes

You can incorporate CBD into your diet by making your own recipes. However, there are some tips to know to optimize the assimilation of cannabidiol by your body:

  • Always add fat to your recipe (for better absorption of cannabinoids by the body),

  • Do not cook your preparation at more than 180° (otherwise the active ingredients will be destroyed).

Why buy your CBD food from 321CBD?

321CBD specializes in the online sale of CBD products. We are looking for products for you with the best quality / price ratio.

Our customer service is at your disposal on a daily basis to answer all your questions. Your CBD edibles will be delivered to you quickly in discreet packaging.

Of course, payment is secure. You can take advantage of our loyalty program. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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