CBD 100% legal in UK
CBD 100% legal in UK
Free delivery in 24/48h
Free delivery in 24/48h
Referral and loyalty program
Referral and loyalty program
Guaranteed quality selection
Guaranteed quality selection

Our CBD products are selected from the best French, Italian, and Swiss producers.

Our products are selected from the best French, Italian, and Swiss producers.

321CBD provides the highest quality products which are fully compliant with the European regulation on THC content lower than 0.2%.

Ringo's Gift CBD 24.7%
CBD Flowers

CBD Ringo's Gift 24.7%

From 4,27 € 4,74 € / gram
CBD Flower Nina Limone 9.3%
CBD Flowers

CBD Nina Limone 9.3%

From 3,10 € 3,44 € / gram

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CBD Flowers


CBD Resin

CBD Crystals

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Ringo's Gift CBD 24.7%
CBD Flowers

CBD Ringo's Gift 24.7%

From 4,27 € 4,74 € / gram

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321 CBD, your online CBD store

What is CBD?

Legal by European decree no. 639-2014

CBD, also called Cannabidiol, is a molecule naturally present in Cannabis. It is not psychoactive and therefore does not cause psychotropic effects, euphoria, anxiety, or addiction the way THC can. This molecule being part of the cannabinoids presents many therapeutic properties.

These are not narcotics, and their legal use will likely allow you to benefit therapeutically. Some studies reveal many positive aspects, but clinical tests remain limited for the moment. Change authorized to authorised for UK English spelling In accordance with current regulations, this is "legal cannabis" and our products do not exceed the regulatory level of 0.2% THC, present in the cannabis plant, and are authorized in the member states of the European Union.

Do you have questions about CBD? Here are the most common questions

Where to buy cheap CBD?

On 321CBD we offer a large choice of cheap CBD products. It is by ordering large quantities of medical cannabis and negotiating the prices that we can offer you cheaper CBD. In addition, we try to keep our advertising campaigns to a minimum, so they do not affect our prices. Our success is mainly due to the recommendation of our customers.

How to consume our products?

There are many ways to consume our products. They can be consumed through inhalation, vaporization, by ingestion of oil, capsules, or by unction if you use a cosmetic product. The effects of therapeutic hemp and especially the active principles of cannabidiol are within your reach.

However, we do not recommend smoking cbd flowers to avoid the obvious negative consequences of the harmful compounds associated with smoking. We prefer to direct you towards vaporization or infusions. You can prepare infusions or herbal teas based on flowering tops as you would with conventional herbs bought in the supermarket.

Each method of consumption is adapted to the sensibility of the consumer. Yes, because not everyone has the same receptors. And each method has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of dosage. Indeed, it is much easier to respect the doses with capsules for example, than by consuming resin whose quantity is left to your appreciation. It should be noted that to practice vaping, you will need a vaporizer or an electronic cigarette.

Le CBD est-il une drogue ?

Quelle maladie soigne le CBD ?

What are the effects of CBD?

CBD is generally recognised by the general public and some scientific studies for various virtues:

  • Helps regulate the immune system
  • Has a possible anti-inflammatory effect on our body
  • Has a possible positive influence in tests to treat epilepsy
  • Has a positive effect in channeling a disease like multiple sclerosis
  • Helps soothe pain
  • Helps to moisturize dry skin, if used as a balm
  • Helps cure tinnitus
  • May have a positive effect on autism in children
  • Helps treat rosacea

Our types of CBD do not give a cerebral high. Indeed, Lemon Haze resin is not a psychotropic drug like hashish could be for example. Besides, cannabidiol does not come from sativa cannabis varieties but rather from indica. Finally, it should be noted that there are also some secondary repercussions, depending on individual sensitivities. Consuming our products, in high doses and especially during specific treatments, can cause nausea and vomiting, but also in some cases a loss of appetite as well as a renewed appetite. In other, rarer cases, hallucinations due to excessive consumption may occur.

It should be noted that the effects also depend on how the molecule is administered. Oils, for example, provide a faster action by sublingual administration, compared to ingestion during a meal.

Finally, there is a gustatory pleasure derived from the flavours of each variety consumed.

The most passionate and experienced consumers like to spot citrus notes for example, or woody notes. However, not all consumers have a delicate palate, and it will take some practice to really spot all the flavours like an oenologist tasting a fine wine.

What products can I buy?

Find our cheap CBD Flowers, E-liquids, Oils, Resins, Crystals, Cosmetics, and our products for animals. All you need to do is try! Our products contain beneficial properties that hemp has been offering us naturally for centuries.

Its use for therapeutic purposes is becoming increasingly popular, and allows patients suffering from pathologies such as Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's disease to experience positive effects, in addition to their traditional treatment. This "medical marijuana" allows, thanks to its analgesic action, to relieve chronic pain.

Our most popular products are the e-liquids, resins, wax, terpsolators, and CBD flower. Our best sellers are the Ringo's Gift, the Swiss Tsunami, and the Nina Limone very closely followed by the Lemon haze, the Sour Widow, and the Orange Bud! And of course, you must test our cannabidiol oils: the results of its regular consumption will not fail to surprise you. Oils are also one of the easiest ways to consume by ingestion.

If you don't want to take any risks and would rather opt for a safe bet, simply choose our OG Kush. By the way, OG Kush is the variety known around the world for its historical excellence. Originally grown at high altitudes in the mountains of Afghanistan, OG Kush became popular in the 1970s.

In the future, it is worth noting that you will find cbg-based products, including cbg oils. This cannabinoid is none other than the parent molecule that gives rise to cbd and thc. Its properties are the subject of numerous studies and are very promising.

How do I contact you for advice?

You can send us an email via the contact form on the "Contact" page of our site. As a leader in CBD UK, our customer service is naturally in English.

Nevertheless, we cannot give medical advice and we recommend you consult your doctor for any questions on this subject.

How do I know I can trust you?

We are an official company registered in Luxembourg (European Union) with an identification number (B232323). We pay our charges and taxes like any other company.
We are also present on Avis Vérifiés in order to provide you with reliable reviews on our site and our products. We only offer 100% legal products like our flowers (or legal weed).
Thousands of customers have trusted us, so why not you?

Can I pay by credit card?

You can pay for your purchases by Visa or Mastercard. The payment is 100% secure. On your bank statement, only ‘TIP SEPA’ will appear for the transaction without any mention of 321CBD. You will then receive an order confirmation email and a new email once your package is shipped with the tracking number.

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