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Find our selection of premium CBD flowers with a THC level lower than 0.2% ideal to be consumed in infusion, vaporization or inhalation as a food supplement. Our legal Premium CBD flowers are... Voir plus ...
    Type of flower
    • Pop Corn CBD Indoor
      (11 reviews)
      CBD Flowers

      Pop Corn CBD flower Indoor

      from 1,99 € / gram
    • CBD Orange Bud Indoor 25% flowers
      (7 reviews)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD flower Orange Bud Indoor 25%

      from 4,35 € / gram
    • Cali Dream CBD greenhouse
      CBD Flowers

      Cali Dream flower CBD greenhouse

      from 3,62 € / gram
    • CBD Swiss Tsunami 19.3%
      (5 reviews)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Swiss Tsunami 19.3%

      from 3,18 € / gram
    • CBD Budda Zen 19.5%
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Budda Zen 19.5%

      from 3,62 € / gram
    • Fleur CBD Cannabomb 23%
      (3 reviews)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Cannabomb 23%

      from 3,81 € / gram
    • CBD Flower Nina Limone 9.3%
      (5 reviews)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Nina Limone 9.3%

      from 2,57 € / gram
    • CBD White Fire OG 18.7%
      (3 reviews)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD White Fire OG 18.7%

      from 3,15 € / gram
    • Bubba Kush Indoor CBD Flower (25%)
      (13 reviews)
      CBD Flowers

      Bubba Kush Indoor CBD Flower (25%)

      from 3,66 € / gram
    • CBD Gorilla Queen
      (3 reviews)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Gorilla Queen 21,7%

      from 3,62 € / gram
    • CBD Flower Nina Limone 9.3%
      (1 review)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Flower Lemon Haze 9,7%

      from 2,73 € / gram
    • Sold out
      CBD Crumbs
      (7 reviews)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Premium Flower Trim - 20g-100g

      from 1,10 € / gram
    • Fleur CBD Mango Haze 16.9%
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Flower Mango Haze 16.9%

      from 3,40 € / gram
    • Fleur CBD Mango Haze 16.9%
      (1 review)
      CBD Flowers

      Harlequin CBD Flower 15.9%

      from 3,53 € / gram
    • Ringo's Gift CBD 24.7%
      (3 reviews)
      CBD Flowers

      Amnesia Kush CBD flower 23,8%

      from 3,58 € / gram
    • Fleur CBD Purple Haze 19,7%
      (1 review)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Purple Haze 19,7% - 10G

      from 5,67 € / gram
    • Fleur CBD Royal Cheese
      (1 review)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Royal Cheese 17,4%

      from 3,34 € / gram
    • CBD Sour Widow 13
      (1 review)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD flower Sour Widow 13%

      from 2,96 € / gram
    • CBD Truth Flower 15.4
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Truth 15.4%

      from 3,66 € / gram
    • CBD Tangie 13.1%
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Tangie 13.1%

      from 3,66 € / gram
    • CBD Orange Turbo 11,5% (in French)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD flower Orange Turbo 11,5%

      from 3,66 € / gram
    • CBD Sweet Tooth 10,5% (1)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD flower Sweet Tooth 10,5%

      from 3,66 € / gram
    • Blue Dream CBD Flower 11.4%
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Blue Dream 11.4%

      from 3,66 € / gram
    • CBD Blackberry Kush 11.1%
      (1 review)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Blackberry Kush 11.1%

      from 3,66 € / gram
    • CBD Herb ACDC 13.2% (1)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Herb ACDC 13.2%

      from 3,66 € / gram
    • CBD Herb 707 Truthban 12,1% (in French)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Herb 707 Truthban 12,1%

      from 3,66 € / gram
    • Ringo's Gift CBD 24.7%
      (17 reviews)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Ringo's Gift 24.7%

      from 3,66 € / gram
    • CBD OG Kush 8,5%
      CBD Flowers

      CBD flower OG Kush 8,5%

      from 3,66 € / gram
    • MoonRock CBD 70%
      (1 review)
      CBD Flowers

      MoonRock CBD 70%

      from 8,11 € / gram
    • CBD Flower Asteroid Comet 85% (CBD)
      CBD Flowers

      CBD Asteroid Comet 85%

      9,80 € / gram
    1️⃣ - Best CBD flower:Ringo's Gift
    ✅ - Cheapest CBD flower:Trim CBD
    ❤️ - Flower CBD Coup de coeur:Amnesia Haze Indoor
    ☄️ - Most potent CBD flower:Moonrock

    What is CBD

    CBD is one of the cannabinoids naturally present in cannabis, valued for its soothing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. It is a highly lipophilic, non-psychoactive bicyclic phytocannabinoid. It therefore does not cause psychotropic effects, unlike THC.

    CBD and the other cannabinoids (CBG and CBN in particular) are the subject of some excitement in the scientific community. Several effects are established or strongly suspected:

    • Anti-stress effect;
    • Soothing and relaxing properties;
    • Antispasmodic effect;
    • Anti-inflammatory effects;
    • Analgesic effects;
    • Improved sleep;

    CBD vs THC: Distinguishing the essentials

    Our bodies are equipped with an endocannabinoid system, carried by CB1 and CB2 receptors located in our various organs. The molecule binds to these receptors to express its active ingredients.

    The CBD (cannabidiol) and the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are like two brothers from the cannabis family. While both share the same cradle, their effects on our bodies are quite different.

    THC is famous for its psychoactive virtues, the kind that take you on a euphoric journey.

    CBD, on the other hand, prefers to keep its feet on the ground. It doesn't induce a feeling of intoxication, but stands out for its soothing benefits, ideal for combating stress and pain. CBD buds and flowers, rich in cannabinoids, are perfectly legal thanks to their maximum THC content of 0.3% (See the legal framework on the THC level authorized after review by the Conseil d'Etat in 2022).

    Contrary to THC, CBD is not considered a drug and does not induce any psychotropic or hallucinogenic effects.

    It's this distinction that enables our CBD flowers to be sold and consumed legally in France, offering the best of cannabis without the undesirable effects of THC.

    What are the benefits of CBD flowers?

    The current state of research into the benefits of CBD flowers suggests excellent advantages to their consumption.

    First of all, CBD can help relieve chronic pain. In fact, CBD molecules interact with neurotransmitters and can reduce the perception of pain.

    Then, CBD may have an action on anxiety levels or depression, which would help regulate our day-to-day mood.

    In herbal tea form, for example, cbd flowers can greatly promote sleep and thus reduce the scourge of insomnia.

    Among the other benefits of cbd flowers we can also count an improvement in skin problems or possible help in the case of neurological disorders such as epilepsy for example.

    Are CBD flowers legal in France?

    As with all CBD products, CBD flower is governed by European decree n°639 - 2014, in force in France. It's the THC content that determines the legality of CBD flower. For the legislator, the absence of THC (a level of less than 0.3%) is the guarantee of a product devoid of any psychotropic and addictive effects. Our range of Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse CBD flowers is, of course, 100% compliant with French and European standards. So you can make your choice from our available stock with complete peace of mind.

    What are the most popular or famous CBD flowers?

    Among the quantity of references available in our store (over 50 anyway), some are more successful than others! Let's take a look at the 5 most popular references:

    Amnesia Haze: this 21.9% CBD Indoor flower stands out for its lemony, spicy aromas, and its nutmeg and sandalwood taste. Multiple times titled at international cannabis events, this flower brings you the best benefits of cbd, including an exquisite moment of relaxation in complete legality.

    Ringo's Gift : Less well known, Ringo is something of a mascot for boutique 321. In stock since our debut in 2018, this highly potent CBD flower has delighted thousands of consumers, and to date boasts almost 700 positive reviews from those wishing to comment on its excellent taste, assured relaxing effect and bewitching scent. To try it is to adopt it!

    Purple Haze: Already sung about by Jimi Hendrix in the 60s, this CBD flower variety is a mix between Purple Thai and Haze. Often praised for its powerful, fast-acting effect when consumed recreationally, it doesn't fall short in its legal cannabidiol version, thanks to a level approaching 20% and interesting effects against migraine, backache or muscle pain.

    Orange Bud Indoor: slightly orange in appearance, Orange Bud boasts orange and nectarine aromas, and a stratospheric CBD content of 25%. Widely consumed for its pain-relieving and anti-stress effects, it is also prized by entrepreneurs and students looking to improve their concentration and productivity. Combine with the Pomodoro method, for connoisseurs! ⏱️

    Swiss Tsunami : This CBD flower plunges you into an ocean of relaxation and unleashes a veritable tsunami of fruity aromas. Sought after for its anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects, like the previous flower, it lends itself well to focus in a work setting. Also perfect just before going to sleep, it will help you find sleep thanks to its CBD content of nearly 20%.

    Where do our CBD flowers come from?

    Our CBD flowers come from Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse cultivations from the best growers in France, Switzerland and Italy. Our products are controlled by independent laboratories that certify the quality of bud, the THC content as well as the content of CBD and other cannabinoids (CBG and CBN) in Full Spectrum products.

    How does it work?

    How are CBD flowers produced?

    Before being bagged in doypacks adapted to the weight you order, the flowers go through several stages from plant to sale.

    After choosing a variety they wish to grow and market, Italian or Swiss legal hemp growers set about planting the corresponding seeds and cultivating them under the best conditions.

    Depending on the type of cultivation suitable for the chosen variety, growing conditions vary. Outdoor, indoor, or under glass, each cultivation variant involves the regulation of various parameters such as the amount of light, temperature, or humidity.

    When the hemp plant reaches maturity, the flowers are separated from the rest of the plant, then go through a drying stage. This last stage naturally increases the CBD content of CBD flowers, which still contain too much water in proportion to their volume.

    Then comes the curing phase, during which the flowers are placed in airtight containers. Temperature and humidity are controlled. During this curing period, which can last up to 1 month, chemical reactions take place within the CBD flower, including decarboxylation, which sees CBDA transformed into CBD. This maximizes the CBD content of the flower. Curing also improves the flower's texture, as well as its flavors via terpene development.

    Finally, after quality control, the flowers are bagged and shipped. This is how they arrive in your mailbox in less than 48 hours.

    CBD flower: three different cultivation methods

    CBD flowers can be classified according to several criteria: their CBD content, the variety of the original plant or the cultivation method. Let's take a look at this last criterion for a moment. The CBD flowers we offer in our stock come from three cultivation methods, each with its own characteristics:

    • The outdoor CBD flower (sometimes spelled "out door" on French sites). As its name suggests, this CBD flower is grown outdoors. Closer to nature, the outdoor CBD flower is shaped by the elements of its immediate environment, namely the quality of the soil in which the cannabis plant grew, temperature, humidity, quality of fertilizers, etc. Outdoor cultivation produces CBD flowers at a lower cost, which is reflected in the selling price, which remains low. This type of cultivation also has a good carbon footprint. There is, however, one constraint: the quality of CBD flower from outdoor cultivation is uneven, with cannabidiol flowers sometimes having an unflattering shape.
    • The indoor CBD flower, from indoor cultivation. The farmer mobilizes artificial lighting, ventilation, air conditioning and hygrometry technologies to grow the hemp plant (Cannabis L. Sativa or Cannabis Indica) indoors. This enables him to control all growing factors (temperature, soil quality, humidity) and produce premium-quality CBD flowers. Indoor cultivation costs more, which is reflected in the selling price of indoor flowers.
    • Greenhouse CBD flower, grown in a greenhouse. It's an intermediate crop between indoor and outdoor. The hemp plant grows in the ground and in the sun, but is protected from bad weather and other climatic hazards by a greenhouse (or Greenhouse). The quality of CBD Greenhouse flowers is somewhere between indoor and outdoor... and so is their selling price.

    Of course, THC levels remain virtually nil, regardless of how CBD flowers are grown. So you can make your choice with complete peace of mind. Purists and gourmets generally prefer outdoor CBD flowers. Those looking for premium-quality CBD flowers will choose from the available indoor CBD flower stock. Greenhouse stock presents an excellent compromise between the premium quality of Indoor and the reduced price of Outdoor.


    How to consume CBD flower

    Unlike CBD oil and CBD foods (candy, chewing gum, lozenges, energy drinks...), CBD flower doesn't come ready-to-use. You'll need to make a little effort to consume it the right way. Here are your options:

    • Smoking CBD flower. Let's quickly avoid this mode of consumption, which is very harmful to humans.
    • Vaping CBD flower. This involves heating CBD flower to around 200° C, a heat almost five times lower than that of combustion for smoking. Vaping takes place in a specially designed device. Again, this is not the most body-friendly method of consumption.
    • CBD flower infusion. This is the method of consumption we recommend. It involves dissolving the CBD flower in a hot liquid, usually water or milk. You can add other plants, fruits or spices to your infusion if the strong taste of the hemp plant doesn't suit you. Our stock includes infusions and cbd teas of premium quality for a serene, soothing interlude at any time of day. The raw aromas of cannabidiol are softened in the flavors of orange, mint, lemon aroma (Lemon flavor), apple, verbena or even organic rooibos.

    Do you offer specials on CBD flowers?

    Yes! We're currently offering a promo based on the quantity ordered. For example, we offer 5 grams on every order of 20 grams of CBD flowers. We're also offering loyalty points to convert into a price reduction on every purchase.

    By purchasing Freeze Kush CBD flower lemon flavors (20 grams), you earn €8.77 which can be converted into a voucher for a future purchase. Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to make a bulk purchase (large quantity).

    Do you offer potent CBD flowers?

    Yes! If you're a consumer accustomed to the organic aromas of CBD flower and the soothing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of the hemp plant, we've got just what you need to take it to the next level. Our stock of potent CBD flowers offers you references highly dosed in CBD and THC-free (levels below 0.3%).

    It should be noted that the notion of "potency" can be subjective, as there is no standardized definition that frames this qualifier. For some, a flower with more than 10% CBD will qualify as potent. For others, you'll need to go up to 70% (or even beyond), with flowers enriched with CBD crystals. Here's what you need to know about the potency of commercially available CBD flowers:

    • As a general rule, CBD flowers with levels around 20% are described as "potent";
    • There are strains of the Cannabis L. Sativa plant virtually devoid of cannabidiol (levels below 1%);
    • The average CBD content of commercial flowers is around 12%;
    • Some rare varieties naturally reach 20% CBD content;
    • Our online store offers the Moonrock CBD flower 5 or 10 grams, made from a novel blend of cannabis oil, pollen and skuff. What makes it special? A record CBD content of up to 70%. Enjoy its strong aromas, woody taste and spicy notes of pine, apple and cinnamon.

    What are the aromas of your CBD flowers?

    You're bound to find your favorite flavors in our stock of CBD flowers:

    • Citrus (orange, lemon or lemon)
    • Fruity aromas;
    • Menthol notes (mint and peppermint) ;
    • Peppery notes ;
    • Strong eucalyptus aromas ;

    Flavors or aromas are provided by terpenes. These are responsible for the odoriferous properties at the level of the hemp plant.

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