32 sheets to roll SWED Euphoria

Quality rolling papers

This ultra-thin rolling paper comes in a package containing 32 premium cardboard sheets and filters. With a slow burn and filtering cardboard, the Euphoria brand SWED rolling papers enhance the flavors and quality of your rolling cigarettes.

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Description 32 sheets to roll SWED Euphoria

Description of SWED Euphoria rolling papers

These rolling papers are made in Europe from natural pulp fiber and gum arabic. Specially designed for cannabis lovers and connoisseurs of resins and flowers, SWED leaves ensure a long session rich in smoke, taste and aromas.

Features of SWED Euphoria rolling papers

SWED rolling papers from Euphoria come in a pack of 32 100% natural cardboard sheets and filters 🍃. Visually, the SWED packets are green and black with cannabis-related inscriptions, including 420. For the hemp-loving community, 420 is a reference to cannabis consumption and a way of identifying with this culture. With its psychedelic patterns and small cannabis leaves, this packaging is perfect for people who love personalized goodies 🙌.

Note that these sheets are King Size 110x45. Although they are particularly large, these sheets are suitable for all types of flowers, resins or CBD crumble. Thus, you can enjoy the benefits of this cannabinoid, while enjoying the quality of this extra fine natural paper 💪.

By consuming a CBD rolled cigarette, you will be able to benefit from all its therapeutic virtues. Among them, we find the ability of CBD to act on mood, appetite and also sleep. Consuming CBD before sleeping helps to find sleep more easily, to spend peaceful nights 💤, but also to reduce stress and anxiety. In addition, CBD is a very good anti-inflammatory painkiller. By acting on serotonin, also called the hormone of well-being, CBD promotes physical and mental relaxation.

Advantages of SWED Euphoria rolling papers

The biggest advantage of SWED Euphoria rolling papers is in their composition. It contains pulp fiber and natural gum arabic. Unlike many leaves available on the market, these do not contain any toxic products dangerous to health 🌿.

Now you don't even have to go out and buy a pack of rolling papers. Sit back in your chair and receive your SWED Euphoria rolling papers directly at home!


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