CBD Honey

Honey with CBD 250 gr

A delicious flower honey distilled with CBD

Presented in its large format of 250 grams, this jar of CBD honey is full of health benefits. The hemp used for the making of this honey comes from an agriculture respecting the European standards concerning the production of CBD (cannabidiol).

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It is important to understand the differences between THC and CBD levels when choosing cannabidiol products, as this can influence the experience you will have when consuming them. If you are looking for all the benefits of CBD, it is best to choose a product with a high CBD content. The higher the CBD content, the greater the benefits. All our CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC and are therefore legal in Europe.
THC level
Description Honey with CBD 250 gr

Description of honey with CBD 250 gr

It therefore contains no trace of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and does not provide any psychoactive effect. This CBD honey can be consumed every day to combat stress, relieve pain and give yourself a moment of well-being, relaxation and comfort. 🙌

Benefits of honey with CBD

CBD honey is ideal for people who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD while enjoying themselves. Indeed, CBD honey can be used in a hot drink, in a cake, on a slice of bread or directly with a teaspoon for the greediest. 🍯

Honey is known for healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It aids digestion, regulates blood sugar, improves brain function, promotes deep, restful sleep, and reduces stress. Ultimately, honey is a superfood that everyone should have in their kitchen. 🐝

In addition, CBD is a natural ingredient renowned for its pain and anti-stress action. Thanks to its relaxing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, it effectively combats pain such as headaches, body aches, muscle and joint tension or even painful periods. Its regulatory action on the endocannabinoid system stabilizes appetite, mood and sleep. 💤

CBD is particularly recommended for people prone to chronic stress and anxiety. Indeed, this cannabinoid can help you relax and release mental pressure. From the first uses, you will feel light and soothed.

Tips for using CBD honey

Just like a classic honey, CBD honey can be enjoyed in a tea, in a coffee or in a pastry. You can easily incorporate it into all your culinary preparations by replacing sugar. Be careful not to heat it too much so as not to alter the effects of the CBD. The quantity can be adjusted according to your needs and recipes. The equivalent of a teaspoon of CBD honey is usually enough to take advantage of its natural relaxing effects.🌿

Aromatic power
Anti-anxiety effect
Relaxing effect
Muscle recovery


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250 gr
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