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Absinth 80% Euphoria

Extra strong absinthe 100% natural

Made in the Czech Republic, this 100% natural extra forte absinthe has a wormwood plant in the bottle as a decoration. With an alcohol content of 80% and 35mg/kg of thujone, this absinthe is reserved for those who like extremely strong sensations.

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Description Absinth 80% Euphoria

Description of Absinth 80 Euphoria

To satisfy everyone's needs, this absinthe 80 bottle is available in 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml and 500 ml versions. 🙌

Absinth 80 Euphoria features

For many years, absinthe was a banned alcohol because it was said to be responsible for some madness and hallucinatory episodes in people who consumed too much of it. With an alcohol level that exceeds 80%, it does not seem surprising that excessive consumption can lead to abuse. One thing is certain, prohibition arouses curiosity and fascination. Still today, absinthe attracts by its challenging side. Indeed, you don't have to be cold-eyed to dare to taste this overpowering beverage. 💪

In this case, this Absinthe of 100% natural Czech origin contains Artemisia absinthium (grande wormwood) and 35mg/kg of thujone. 🌿 Thujone is a molecule naturally present in absinthe and known for its convulsive properties. It is also known to cause a feeling of intense disinhibition, even hallucinations when consumed in high doses.

In this bottle, we can observe a pretty branch of mugwort. This herbaceous plant is sometimes used as a medicinal plant, but here it is simply used as an ornamental plant to decorate the bottle. 🌿

Flavors of Absinth 80 Euphoria

Absinthe can be consumed in a simple way, by diluting a dose of absinthe in water, as with a ricard or a pastis. Moreover, its aniseed taste is very similar to pastis, Greek ouzo or Turkish raki. If you are attached to traditions, you can use the good old method, namely that of sugar.

To do this, take a piece of sugar and place it on a slotted spoon. Then place the spoon on the rim of a glass containing a measure of absinthe, then gently pour cold water over the sugar. Thus, the latter will dissolve and flow into your glass of absinthe. Once the sugar has completely dissolved, all you have to do is revel in your glass of absinthe 80 and appreciate all its flavors. 🍃 For sensitive souls and small players, it is better to abstain!


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