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Absinth Elixir Euphoria

Absinthe with its pipette bottle

Made in the Czech Republic, the Absinth Elixir from Euphoria is a 100% natural product. Presented in a 100 ml format, this absinthe bottle has a glass pipette.

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Czech Republic
Description Absinth Elixir Euphoria

Description of Absinth Elixir Euphoria

With an ABV (alcohol by volume) ratio of 79% and a thujone content of 35 mg/kg, this product is reserved for lovers of extremely strong sensations. Indeed, this absinthe is so powerful that a very low dosage, served with a pipette, is already enough to feel the effects. 💪

Absinth Elixir Euphoria features

Initially, absinthe was cultivated for its therapeutic virtues. Since ancient times, it has been used to relieve painful periods, to regulate the menstrual cycle and to fight fever. 🍃 Even today, this plant is renowned for its stimulating, tonic, antiseptic properties. and dewormers.

It was only years later that absinthe found its way into distilleries to create alcohol. A very controversial alcohol which, consumed in large doses, would drive you crazy. Prohibited for a long time, absinthe is a source of debate and arouses everyone's curiosity. Connoisseurs of spirits and anise lovers will not fail to taste this elixir, the most aniseed and the most powerful of its generation. 🌿

Neither too bitter nor too sweet, this absinthe combines a dozen plants distilled in accordance with ancestral recipes and clandestine traditions linked to prohibition.

Tasting of Absinth Elixir Euphoria

To consume this absinthe elixir, you can simply dilute it in water. Regarding the dosage, it generally takes 3 to 4 doses of water for a dose of absinthe greater than 70%. You can also choose the traditional French or Bohemian method which consists of adding sugar to the preparation. For the French method, you have to dissolve the sugar with fresh water 🧊, while for the Bohemian method, you have to melt it. Heating the sugar brings a very pleasant caramelized touch to the absinthe. For the more adventurous among you, you can pour a few drops of this elixir directly under your tongue using the integrated pipette.

Regardless of the tasting method chosen,absinthe always delivers a fresh, aniseed and herbaceous aroma 🍃. And for good reason, absinthe is produced from 3 essential plants: wormwood, anise and fennel. This is why we find the aniseed flavor of pastis, ouzo or raki.


Czech Republic
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