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Absinthe with cannabis

A 100% natural cannabis flavored bottle

Made in Europe, this bottle of Cannabis Absinth from Euphoria is 100% natural. Thanks to its superior quality, it is the lucky number one selling Czech absinthe with hemp Sativa L seeds. Although it contains cannabis, this product does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), but only CBD (cannabidiol).

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It is important to understand the differences between THC and CBD levels when choosing cannabidiol products, as this can influence the experience you will have when consuming them. If you are looking for all the benefits of CBD, it is best to choose a product with a high CBD content. The higher the CBD content, the greater the benefits. All our CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC and are therefore legal in Europe.
Czech Republic
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Description Absinthe with cannabis

Description of Cannabis Absinth 50ml Euphoria

CBD is the cannabinoid responsible for the relaxing effects of hemp. As CBD is increasingly present in the design of derivative products, it is not surprising to find it combined with the most popular alcohols such as absinthe.

This product is completely legal and complies with current European laws on the marketing and consumption of hemp. Inside the bottle, you can observe some hemp seeds as decoration. With an ABV (alcohol by volume) ratio of 70% and a thujone level of 35mg/kg, cannabis absinthe is reserved for thrill seekers. 🌿 To satisfy everyone's needs, this bottle is available in 50ml, 100ml, 200ml and 500ml sizes.

Features of Cannabis Absinth 50ml Euphoria

Absinthe is an alcohol that arouses curiosity and fascination because for a long time it was prohibited. The reason for this prohibition is quite simple to understand: this alcohol is so strong that when consumed excessively, some people went crazy and had hallucinations. Considered dangerous, this alcohol was then formally prohibited for many years. Even if it is legal today, it still has this challenging side that attracts consumers 💪. And for good reason, you must not be cold-eyed to drink absinthe.

This bottle of absinthe has the particularity of being infused with cannabis. Thus, the absinthe-cannabis mixture is particularly interesting from a taste point. In addition, infused CBD allows for some light relaxing effects. 🌿 Well known for its many therapeutic virtues, CBD promotes physical and mental well-being. Thus, consuming this alcohol can only help you to spend a moment of absolute relaxation!

Flavours of Cannabis Absinthe 50 ml Euphoria

To respect tradition, you can drink this absinthe like your ancestors, that is to say with a piece of sugar. To do this, simply put sugar in the center of a pierced spoon, then place this same spoon on the edges of a glass containing a measure of absinthe 🌿. Gently and gradually pour fresh water over the sugar. The latter will then dissolve and flow directly into the absinthe contained in the glass.

Alternatively, you can also drink it in a simpler way, by diluting it with water. During the tasting, you will find the light earthy and herbaceous taste of hemp, mixed with the aniseed notes of absinthe.


Czech Republic
Very (very) high
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