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Cocxine Euphoria Vodka

A vodka infused with coca leaves

This vodka infused with coca leaves was made in Europe. This product is available in 40 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml and 500 ml versions. Made with coca leaf extracts, Euphoria's Cocxine Vodka is particularly recommended for thrill seekers.

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Description Cocxine Euphoria Vodka

Description of Cocxine Vodka Euphoria

This alcoholic beverage complies with current European standards and does not provide any psychoactive or harmful effects on health. Thus, you can taste this delicious nectar which has an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) ratio of 40%, while taking full advantage of the energizing effects of coca leaves 🌿. Discover without delay the effects of Vodka Cocxine from Euphoria.

Effects of Cocxine Vodka Euphoria

The coca leaf has been used for nearly 5,000 years in medicinal and ritual uses. Mainly grown in South America, this plant belongs to the Erythroxylaceae family. For some Native American peoples, it is considered a sacred plant used in religious ceremonies. According to some beliefs, this plant was created by the gods to make men forget fatigue by increasing their strength and vitality 💪.

Beyond the myths and legends, some specialists agree on the fact that the coca leaf increases physical resistance and reduces the feeling of hunger 🙌. From a point of view nutritional, the coca leaf is rich in vitamins and alkaloids. It is particularly known to facilitate digestion and elimination, to cleanse the liver and to balance the metabolism. For the biggest followers of this plant, it would even be able to prolong life.

Benefits of Cocxine Vodka Euphoria

This coca leaf infused vodka is a ready-to-use product, which makes it accessible to everyone. You can take it with you in the evening for everyone to enjoy, or simply serve drinks to your friends during an aperitif at home.

Sold in different formats (40, 100, 200 and 500 ml), this product is adapted to everyone's preferences. If you are a vodka lover, you will fall under the charm of the combination between the energizing side of the coca leaf and the freshness of this alcoholic drink.


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