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Hill’s Gin by Euphoria

A gin with unique know-how

Hill's Gin is available in a variety of sizes to suit everyone's needs. You can drink it alone or with friends, at home or in the evening.

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Description Hill’s Gin by Euphoria

Description of Hill's Gin Euphoria

Bottled in Europe, Hill's Gin was made with unique expertise. This gin perfectly blends the original aromas of gin and the flavors of juniper berries 🌿. For information, Hill's Gin with CBD from Euphoria titrates at 40°, and it is available in 100, 200 and 500ml. An exceptional bottle to accompany your evenings with friends.

The characteristics of Hill's Gin Euphoria

This gin has the particularity of being infused with juniper berries, also called juniper berries. These small purplish blue balls have been used since the dawn of time for their exceptional fragrance. Some historians say that in ancient Rome, this berry was used to replace pepper, which was much rarer and more expensive 🙌. Both bitter and spicy, it was then nicknamed "poor man's pepper".

Today, we find this little berry in spirits, and especially in gin. And this mixture is not new since it dates from the 13th century. At that time, gin made from juniper berries was used as a kind of potion or medicinal drink to relieve stomach ailments. A few years later, gin made from juniper berries was finally recognized for its taste properties, becoming a trendy drink very popular with consumers 🙌.

If you want everyone to enjoy it, we advise you to choose the large 500 ml format. If you want to offer it, it is also an excellent idea for an original gift to surprise your loved ones.

The taste and aromas of Hill's Gin Euphoria

This Hill's Gin will introduce you to a whole new experience with gin. Indeed, this gin combines the well-known aromas of gin with those of juniper berries to perfection. Thus, you will feel a tangy and resinous taste in the mouth, which gives way to delicate woody and musky notes 🌿. Juniper berries are known to bring a sweet, slightly pungent and bitter taste to this alcoholic drink. One thing is certain, this daring blend will not leave lovers of this delicious alcoholic drink indifferent.


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