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Hill's Euphoria Absinth

An absinthe with a unique taste

Made in the Czech Republic, the Hill's Absinth from Euphoria is a must-have bottle. Indeed, this great classic offers you the aniseed and bitter taste typical of the best absinthes.

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Czech Republic
Description Hill's Euphoria Absinth

Description of Hill's Absinth Euphoria

With an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) ratio of 70%, this absinthe is available in 350 ml, 500 ml, 700 ml, and 1000 ml formats. You can then choose a bottle for your own consumption, to give as a gift, or simply for your friends to enjoy during your next parties 🙌.

Hill's Absinth Euphoria Characteristics

Absinthe has always been an alcohol that has aroused the interest of thrill seekers. And for good reason, absinthe is certainly the most controversial alcoholic drink of all time. Accused of driving people crazy, it was banned for many years. With a alcohol level usually over 70% 💪, it's no wonder that excessive drinking can make you lose your mind. Today, absinthe is totally legal but still challenging due to its high alcohol content and aromatic power.

In this case, this bottle is a great classic from the Czech house Hill’s. This family recipe dates back to 1920 and is distinguished by its high concentration of plants 🌿. We find in particular star anise which reinforces its aniseed and herbaceous taste. Thanks to its natural maceration process in 70% grain alcohol and the addition of star anise, this bottle guarantees you a superior tasting experience.

Flavors of Hill's Absinth Euphoria

In terms of flavors, this absinthe is based on the combination of grand wormwood, star anise and fennel. Other ingredients are added during maceration to support its freshly herbaceous scent 🌿. When tasting, you will notice spicy notes with a touch of anise and lemon in the aftertaste. With a long finish on the palate, this absinthe delivers soft, bitter, herbaceous and slightly sweet aromas.

Regarding tasting, Hill’s absinthe can be enjoyed neat or with water. It can also be incorporated into cocktails or champagne 🍾. If you prefer traditional methods, you can drink it by following the French ritual of dissolving a sugar with cool water. There is also the bohemian method which consists of caramelizing the sugar cube. In any case, adding sugar will cloud the absinthe and give it sweeter flavors.


Czech Republic
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