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Absinthe Hill's premium original recipe

Original absinthe recipe

The Hill's Absinthe Premium from Euphoria is presented in a beautiful glass bottle with wormwood branches as decoration. A beautiful bottle to offer as a gift or to add to your personal collection!

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Czech Republic
Description Absinthe Hill's premium original recipe

Description of Hill's Absinth Premium Euphoria

Discover Hill’s Absinth Premium presented in 200 ml and 700 ml formats. Made from the original recipe from 1920, this absinthe invites you to travel back in time. Reserved for thrill seekers, this bottle is produced in the Czech Republic in the respect of traditions 🙌. Its ABV ratio (alcohol by volume) is 70% and its thujone content is 35 mg/ kg.

Characteristics of Hill's Absinth Premium Euphoria

Absinthe is an alcoholic drink that arouses the curiosity of thrill seekers. This alcohol has always been the subject of debate and controversy. And for good reason, it is one of the most powerful alcohols on the market 💪. It is not for nothing that it has been prohibited for many years. Before prohibition, the recipes were less controlled and the effects were all the more intense. People who consumed too much could go crazy and experience hallucinations. This is why absinthe was banned for many years, as it was considered harmful to mental health.

Today, absinthe is completely legal, but it's still just as impressive. With its alcohol level much higher than average and its powerful aromas 🌿, it is not an alcohol suitable for everyone. One thing is certain, you must not be afraid to taste and appreciate a glass of absinthe.

This bottle is a great classic from the famous Czech distillery Hill’s liguere (liqueur). Thanks to the know-how and experience of this company, which uses traditional recipes, you will enjoy a superior quality tasting experience 🙌.

Tasting of Hill’s Absinth Premium Euphoria

Hill’s Premium Absinthe is made from herbs from the Holy Trinity: wormwood, anise and fennel. All this, embellished with herbs that enhance the taste in order to bring refined and complex notes to the beverage. On tasting, the flavors are freshly herbaceous with some hints of orange and lemon in the aftertaste🌿. As with all other absinthes, you will find the typical aniseed taste of this drink.


Czech Republic
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