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Suicide Absinth Super Strong

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Presented in a skull-shaped bottle, the Suicide Absinth Super Strong from Euphoria is available in several versions: 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml and 700 ml.

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Description Suicide Absinth Super Strong

Description of Suicide Absinth Super Strong Euphoria

Looking for a new bottle to add to your collection? Do you need a beautiful bottle to give as a gift 🎁? Are you organizing an evening with friends and you need an XXL bottle? You will inevitably find the format that corresponds to your desires and your needs.

Made in the Czech Republic, this Super Strong absinthe is one of the strongest you can find on the market. With a particularly high alcohol content of 79.9% 💪, this beverage is reserved for thrill seekers and absinthe connoisseurs. A very potent alcoholic drink to be consumed in moderation.

Suicide Absinth Super Strong Euphoria features

As its name suggests, Suicide Super Strong absinthe is the most powerful absinthe currently available on the market 🙌. Produced in the Czech Republic by the famous spirits producer Hill's Liguere, this absinthe has with a thujone content of 35 mg/kg. Thujone is the molecule responsible for the psychedelic effects of the wormwood plant.

8 herbs are used for the maceration of this beverage, which gives it this natural green color 🌿. Its taste is strongly acidic and its anise content is much lower than with other varieties of absinthe. This porcelain bottle is painted with shades of green. An exceptional design for collectors of beautiful bottles!

Suicide Abstinh Super Strong Euphoria Tasting

To consume Suicide Super Strong absinthe, you can drink it pure or dilute it with a little cold water, as you would with a pastis 🙌 . You can also incorporate it into your favorite cocktail recipes.

For those who prefer the traditional tasting method, bring a glass, a perforated spoon and sugar. To perform this ritual, just place the spoon on a glass, and put a square of sugar in the spoon 🥄. Then, gently pour fresh water over the sugar. The latter will dissolve in the absinthe and bring it a little sweetness. Although this version is slightly aniseed, it still delivers a herbaceous flavor typical of absinthe. Do you dare to taste it?


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