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CBD, the well-being molecule that is a hit in France!

After having suffered for a long time because of its affiliation with hemp, CBD has gradually established itself in France to become THE well-being molecule par excellence. Praised for their pain-relieving effects, their soothing properties and their benefits on the sleep cycle, CBD products have largely found their audience.

According to the Interprofession of hemp trades (Inter Chanvre), France has nearly 7 million regular or occasional consumers of products containing CBD, and demand is not weakening. Moreover, we feel this dynamic very well on a daily basis when processing orders from our dear customers who seek above all to improve their sleep and promote relaxation at the end of a long working day.

Historically, the cannabidiol sector has been driven by essential products such as CBD oil, cannabidiol leaves and flowers, then CBD resin, wax and e-liquids. As cannabidiol products have become commonplace, the sector has diversified its offer with the emergence of more fun and accessible formats and packaging. The raw taste and organic flavors of CBD have been stripped down to a cannabidiol product that can only be described as delicious. Objective : open up to a new consumer profile with products that contain just the right amount of CBD for a light relaxation effect and promote healthy and restorative sleep.

Aficionados of the molecule with multiple benefits can now consume organic CBD candies, hemp gummies, mint and cannabidiol chewing gum, CBD lozenges, a strawberry and cannabidiol lollipop, CBD gummies and other delicious THC-free hemp treats and confections (almost zero). And since less savvy consumers are more likely to consume a peppermint or strawberry lollipop containing CBD than an organically flavored hemp leaf, these colorful treats have introduced thousands of people to the benefits, particular taste and flavors of cannabidiol.

CBD treats: from candy and chewing gum to gummy bears and lollipops

CBD lollipops, hemp candy, organic cannabidiol chewing gum, vitamin gummies, CBD bears, lozenges, gummies, honey candies, chocolate flavored confectionery… your mouth is probably watering at just reading these words that awaken the taste buds! Before detailing the many benefits of sweets containing CBD, here is a small glossary to see more clearly.

  • CBD Candy: These are flavored sugar candies that contain cannabidiol. The term "candy" is generic, in that it refers to all kinds of sweet treats with fruity flavors (strawberry, lemon, orange, etc.) and/or vegetable flavors (mint, cola, chocolate). However, a candy can refer to a treat with a firm texture, as opposed to gummies, chewing gums and other jelly products. CBD gummies can be consumed by lovers of sweets with many benefits and the curious who wish to try a "light" format of CBD before moving on to flower, oil and other products concentrated in cannabidiol.
  • CBD gummies: gummies are treats enriched with plants selected for their flavors and/or their benefits (hibiscus, spirulina, cannabidiol…). These CBD treats have the same texture as gummies and combine the useful (benefits of CBD) with the pleasant (tasty taste). In the well-being sector, gummies can replace the usual food supplements for consumers who interrupt their treatment by weariness, in particular because of the bland taste of these products and their resemblance to drugs.
  • CBD lollipops: lollipops are sweet treats attached to the end of a stick, most often with fruity flavors (strawberry, lemon, orange) and vegetable flavors (mint, chocolate, cola…). Like chewing gum, lollipops last longer than regular gummies, gummies and candies. So you can prolong the pleasure and reap the benefits. Enriched with cannabidiol from the Indica variety, the lollipops can be consumed in the middle of the day to give you a boost and help you better manage your stress.
  • CBD Bears: These are just gummies in the shape of bears! You inevitably keep a nostalgic memory of these gourmet delicacies that punctuated your childhood. Enriched with CBD, this confectionery awakens your taste buds with its fruity flavors while rewarding you with the many benefits of cannabidiol without THC (almost zero rate).
  • CBD chewing gum: This cannabidiol chewing gum is usually flavored with mint, strawberry or lemon. Like lollipops, CBD gummies last longer than regular bears, gummies and candies. You will therefore be able to enjoy fruity flavors for several minutes and maximize the effects and benefits of cannabidiol without THC.
  • CBD Lozenges: Lozenges are small round candies of boiled sugar, chocolate, cola, mint, etc. This CBD product most often comes in the form of a small piece of confectionery paste. Like the term "candy", "lozenge" is a generic word that can refer to several kinds of confectionery and lollipops. Note: confectionery lozenges should not be confused with so-called "pharmaceutical" lozenges.

321 CBD offers you CBD candy, hemp gummies, cannabidiol chewing gum, organic lozenges and other quality succulent treats at a smart price for a delicious moment of relaxation, in complete discretion. All our CBD treats and confectionery have a THC level of less than 0.3%, in accordance with current regulations. Stay on the lookout for a promo code on a box of Cola-flavored gummies, CBD lozenges or even strawberry and cannabidiol lollipops!

Why consume CBD in candy form?

This is a legitimate question when you know that you can consume your CBD in the form of oil, leaves, flowers, vaping liquid, resin, etc. Here is a short summary of the benefits of cannabidiol treats and confectionery:

  • "Raw" forms of cannabidiol such as CBD leaf, flower, and oil are characterized by organic tastes and earthy flavors that may surprise consumers. uninitiated palates. With their light taste and fruity flavor, CBD gummies are a delicious taster for consumers who wish to experience the relaxation effect and the analgesic benefits of cannabidiol gradually… still it is necessary to consume a quality candy with a sufficient CBD content.
  • Unlike CBD flower, oil, and resin, the cannabidiol treat is ready to eat. Whether it's lozenges, gummies, chewing gum, gummy bears or CBD lollipops, all you have to do is unwrap the confectionery to consume it. There is therefore a significant practical side, especially if you want to benefit from a light relaxation effect and invigorating benefits outdoors.
  • Gums containing cannabidiol allow you to consume CBD discreetly. You can in fact enjoy a delicious Cola bear, a strawberry lollipop or honey and cannabidiol gummies without anyone suspecting that the product is an elixir of relaxation and a concentrate of benefits for the body. and the spirit. Guaranteed effects!
  • The gummies contain reduced levels of CBD. The effects are therefore mild and suitable for organisms that are not used to the molecule. However, you should know that there are sweets and confectionery that contain almost as much CBD as cannabidiol oil or flower (rate around 15%). These sweets then give you the relaxation effect and the soothing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits of products concentrated in cannabidiol. Only the ingestion time is longer (compared to a sublingual CBD oil for example).
  • Even though sweets that are too sweet are not good for your health when consumed in quantity, it is still better to consume CBD in this way instead than smoking flowers or vaping cannabidiol e-liquid.
  • Finally, it is easier to determine the exact amount of CBD ingested with a candy than with CBD oil drops.

Are CBD gummies legal in France?

Like all cannabidiol products, CBD confectionery, sweets and candies are governed by European Decree No. 639 – 2014. Our candies, as well as all of our CBD products, have a rate of THC almost zero, guaranteed absence of psychotropic effects, in accordance with the law in force. In an opinion published at the end of 2017, the WHO expert committee recalls that "CBD does not appear to present any potential for abuse and harmfulness to health".

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