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What is CBD chocolate?

As its name suggests, CBD chocolate is a solidified paste of ground cocoa that contains cannabidiol, or CBD, and possibly other molecules found in the plant. hemp, including Cannabis L. Sativa and Cannabis Indica varieties.

CBD chocolate is part of the second generation of cannabidiol products, along with other "fun" formats such as candies, chewing gum, honey, butter and chocolates. energy drinks with cannabidiol. A few years ago, CBD aficionados could only consume the molecule in oil, flower, leaf, or resin form. Today, the choice is wider, and they can indulge themselves by opting for a gourmet chocolate bar, a sublime honey nectar with cannabidiol or strong>red fruit gummies and CBD.

To consume quality CBD chocolate is ultimately to combine business with pleasure by delighting in the irresistible taste of cocoa while rewarding your body with anti-stress effects, analgesic benefits and properties CBD anti-inflammatories.

Consuming CBD: why opt for the chocolate bar?

In the world of cannabidiol products, CBD chocolates have several advantages to promote to all consumer profiles:

  • Consumers well informed about the benefits of cannabidiol, which they consume in the form of leaf, flower, oil, resin, etc. They can integrate this more gourmet format to vary the pleasures;
  • Beginners who want to experience the effects of CBD by starting with a low-dose cannabidiol product and "usual" taste;
  • Consumers who dislike the raw taste and organic flavors of the hemp plant and legal cannabis.

Ultra-practical, CBD chocolates are perfectly compatible with daily and "public" consumption of cannabidiol. Indeed, the tablet will find its place in your bag or the inside pocket of your jacket. Just break off a piece according to your desired CBD dosage and enjoy! CBD chocolates are also suitable for those who wish to consume cannabidiol discreetly. Nothing in the taste, scent, color or shape of CBD Chocolate suggests a legal hemp or cannabis product.

Another significant advantage: CBD chocolate allows precise dosing for controlled effects, which is not necessarily the case with historical products such as oils, flower and resin of CBD. Simply calculate the amount of CBD in each square of chocolate by dividing the total amount of cannabidiol by the number of squares of chocolate in the bar. Let's take the example of a dark chocolate bar to understand better:

  • Net weight of dark chocolate bar: 100g;
  • Number of chocolate squares in bar: 20;
  • Total amount of CBD in tablet: 100mg.

Let's calculate the amount of CBD in each square of dark chocolate: 100mg / 20 = 5mg of CBD in each square. You can therefore consume 4 squares of dark chocolate (in this example) to provide your body with 20 mg of CBD.

Unlike legal hemp flower, CBD chocolates come ready to eat. It will be your gourmet and relaxing break from everyday life to relieve your stress and fill up on flavors.

The different types of CBD chocolates

Everyone has their own CBD-infused chocolate! The choice is relatively wide, with flavors adapted to each palate. Here are your options:

  • Dark chocolate with CBD, for purists, connoisseurs and those who wish to benefit from the benefits of CBD by limiting their calorie intake.
  • Milk chocolate, for lovers of the irresistible mix between cocoa bean and milk ;
  • White chocolate, which contains only cocoa butter, milk, sugar and vanilla (not defatted dry cocoa);
  • The so-called "cover" chocolates, ingredients that coat the fillings of chocolate candies;< /li>
  • Chocolate cakes, including chocolate and coconut fondant, chocolate fondant and other desserts greedy.

Is CBD chocolate legal in France?

Like all cannabidiol products, CBD chocolate is governed by European decree n°639 – 2014 relating to legal hemp products. In France, only CBD products with less than 0.2% THC can be freely marketed. Of course, the CBD chocolates offered by our online store strictly comply with the legislation in force. You can therefore make your choice with complete peace of mind.

The best CBD chocolates are on the 321CBD store

Whether you're a CBD regular or a curious person who wants to introduce their body to the benefits of the molecule, you won't be able to resist our CBD chocolates for long... and their smart price isn't there to help matters ! On the menu: a real chocolate that has taste, character and a nice dose of THC-free cannabidiol to relieve your stress and enjoy a gourmet break at any time of the day.

To help you make an informed choice, we offer comprehensive fact sheets with detailed product information, consumer reviews and advice on dosage.

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