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Rich in legal cannabis extracts, CBD Full Spectrum oil mobilizes all the active ingredients of the hemp plant to give you all the benefits of cannabidiol... with the added bonus of the entourage... Voir plus ...
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    CBD oil, a discreet, practical and effective format

    In France, the market for CBD products is carried by more than 7 million consumers according to figures from the Interprofession des métiers du hemp (Inter Chanvre). They want to take advantage of the soothing effects of CBD to relieve chronic pain, better control their stress or anxiety, improve their sleep or simply enjoy the organic taste of the hemp plant legally and without suffering the psychotropic effect of THC. .

    After flowers and leaves, aficionados of the molecule favor CBD oil, an interesting format that has five major advantages over other types of packaging:

    • CBD oil is the only form of cannabidiol that can be consumed sublingually . This method of administration, which consists of applying a small amount of CBD oil (3 to 10 drops depending on the CBD level) under the tongue, allows rapid absorption of the product which passes directly into the bloodstream for effects. near-immediate;
    • The dosage of CBD oil is easier (compared to flowers and leaves of cannabidiol). Consumers will be able to experiment with the dosage (in number of drops) and form their own opinion as they use them until they obtain the desired benefits;
    • Unlike CBD flowers and leaves which must be diluted in hot water (infusion or decoction for example), the Full Spectrum CBD oil comes ready to use, whether for sublingual, oral or topical application. Consumers who wish to maintain some discretion vis-Ă -vis those around them can consume CBD oil discreetly, for example by pouring the liquid into a neutral bottle protected from UV rays to preserve the quality of the oil;
    • CBD oil can be used to season your daily dishes, especially at breakfast, to spice up your recipes and spread the benefits of the molecule evenly throughout the day;
    • CBD oil is available in several versions, each offering a concentration of cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN…), a different nutritional profile, origin (Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica plant) and cultivation method (organic, Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse). Consumers can thus make their choice according to their goals: Full Spectrum CBD Oils (or Full Spectrum CBD Oils), Broad Spectrum CBD Oils (or Broad Spectrum CBD Oils) or Pure Isolate CBD Oil, which only contains cannabidiol. We will develop these types of CBD oils later in this page.

    What are the benefits of CBD oil?

    If CBD oil is a flagship product in the wellness industry, it is because it allows consumers to enjoy the many benefits of cannabidiol with ease:

    • CBD is known for its pain-relieving effects. With the right dosage and frequency of use, consumers can provide relief from mild to moderate chronic pain;
    • Cannabinoids like CBD, CBG and CBN have interesting anti-inflammatory properties that reinforce the action against chronic pain, particularly in the area of ​​joint stiffness and muscle injuries. The use of CBD oil in the world of high-level sport has also become widely trivialized;
    • Like all CBD products, cannabidiol oils act on the endocannabinoid system with an effect soothing. Consumers can thus relieve their stress and anxiety;
    • This soothing action improves the sleep cycle. Studies have also demonstrated the ability of CBD oil to accelerate the sleep phase while relieving REM sleep disorders such as nocturnal verbalization and muscle spasms.

    As we will see, Full Spectrum CBD oil provides additional benefits thanks to its composition rich in legal cannabis extracts.

    Full Spectrum CBD Oil: what are we talking about?

    As the name suggests, full-spectrum CBD oil contains more components than broad-spectrum CBD oil. This is because Full Spectrum cannabidiol oils are higher in cannabis plant extracts, including:

    • The essential oils found naturally in the hemp plant (with slight variation between the Cannabis Sativa plant and the Cannabis Indica variety);
    • Terpenes: These are a large group of volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons that found in the essential oils of the hemp plant, but also in conifers and citrus fruits. Terpenes are based on a cyclic molecule (C10H16). They are important components of CBD products as they are responsible for the taste of the product;
    • Different cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG or even CBN;
    • Artificially added products including MCT coconut oil, maca, vitamin C, etc.

    Of course, despite this complete spectrum, the THC dosage remains below the maximum level defined by the legislator. Whether full-spectrum or broad-spectrum, CBD oil is made the same way, with carbon dioxide or alcohol extraction, steam distillation, solvent extraction, and more. Isolate-type CBD oil, however, is more refined, as it undergoes additional processing to result in a 100% CBD bottle.

    Here is a table that summarizes the main differences between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolate CBD oils.

    Features of CBD Oil

    Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

    CBD Isolate






    < 0.2% (vigilance)



    Other cannabinoids (CBG, CBC, CBN, CBNA)












    Smell and taste




    Available format for this product

    Oil, alcoholature

    Oil, alcoholature

    CBD crystals or powder

    Table 1 - Comparison of Full Spectrum (full spectrum), Broad Spectrum (broad spectrum) and CBD Isolate CBD oils

    What are the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

    Because it contains all of the beneficial molecules of the cannabis plant, Full Spectrum CBD Oil provides consumers with additional benefits when compared to Broad Spectrum CBD Oils and CBD Isolate. As shown in a study by Dr. Ethan Esso, this plurality of components of the cannabis plant causes a virtuous synergy. This is what researchers call the "entourage effect." In addition to the effects listed above, Full Spectrum CBD Oil is said to have the following benefits:

    • An anticonvulsant effect;
    • An action against muscle spasms;
    • An antioxidant effect;
    • An ability to improve the quality of life of people with psychotic disorders.

    Of course, some of these effects have been reported as a result of taking CBD medication prescribed by a doctor. Most often, these drugs display a concentration of cannabidiol much higher than the rate found in hemp products available to the general public.

    As a Medical News Today paper notes, Full Spectrum CBD oils are more natural because they have undergone less processing than CBD isolate. This study also suggests that consuming cannabinoids and terpenes in reasonable quantities allows a more effective action against pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety.

    Caution: there is a greater risk of exceeding the maximum permitted THC level with a full spectrum oil. This is why consumers should source from a reliable and recognized seller like 321CBD.

    Guide to using Full Spectrum CBD oil: concentration, quantity, dosage…

    Whether Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, or Isolate CBD, cannabidiol oil can be delivered in three ways:

    • Use in sublingual mode. It involves administering a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue, and maintaining the product for 60 to 90 seconds, the time for the active ingredients to be absorbed by the mucous membrane. The sublingual route bypasses the digestive system and hepatic metabolism. The active ingredients of Full Spectrum CBD oil are thus quickly found in the bloodstream, and the effect is felt a few minutes after taking.
    • Full Spectrum CBD oil for oral use. The consumer can swallow a few drops of his product or season his dishes for food intake, especially if he wishes to dilute the particular taste of the hemp plant. This mode of consumption is however less effective, with a delayed effect and degraded active ingredients.
    • Topical use of Full Spectrum CBD Oil. This involves applying the product directly to the skin. We will look here for an effect on muscle or joint pain and the anti-inflammatory properties of the product in the event of insect bites, irritation, redness, etc.

    The dosage depends on the purpose of use and the consumer's tolerance to CBD. Let's take a concrete example to help you see it more clearly. A good portion of consumers want to improve their sleep cycle. In that case, here are our recommendations:

    • How to use Full Spectrum CBD Oil: Sublingually (drops under the language);
    • Time to take Full Spectrum CBD Oil: Approximately one hour before bed ;
    • How much Full Spectrum CBD oil to consume: it all depends on your weight and CBD concentration of the product. In the following table we offer you a concrete example with 10% CBD oil.


    Quantity (in mg of product)

    Quantity (in number of product drops)


    20mg per day

    4 drops


    25mg per day

    5 ​​drops


    30mg per day

    6 drops


    35mg per day

    7 drops


    40mg per day

    8 drops


    45mg per day

    9 drops


    50mg per day

    10 drops

    Table 2 - Tips for Using Full Spectrum CBD Oil to Improve Sleep

    Feel free to experiment with the different parameters of using CBD oil to form your own opinion. If you find that falling asleep occurs a little too late, you can bring the dose forward by one hour. If you notice a somewhat sudden relaxation, you can switch to the lower dosage, etc.

    How to recognize a quality Full Spectrum CBD oil?

    Want to experience the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Oil but unfamiliar with this product? Here are the criteria to consider to be sure to consume a premium quality CBD oil:

    • A Full Spectrum CBD oil made by carbon dioxide extraction will preserve all of its organoleptic properties, but the price may be a deterrent to a beginner. Alcohol extraction of CBD is also acceptable.
    • CBD oils that come from organic cultivation, reputable farms, or recognized producers are generally of excellent quality. Indeed, the quality of the soil directly impacts the properties of hemp, insofar as the plant absorbs elements from the soil in high quantities ('hyperaccumulator' effect).
    • A CBD oil tested by an independent laboratory that certifies the CBD level and THC concentration, among others. This information is usually displayed on the bottle label or on the product sheet.
    • The best Full Spectrum CBD oils are packaged in an amber or dark bottle to protect the product from UV rays.

    How much does Full Spectrum CBD oil cost?

    In the current state of the stock available on our online store, the price of Full Spectrum CBD oils varies from €29.90 for Nerobi 5% Full Spectrum CBD Oil (10ml bottle) at €89.90 for Nerobi 20% Full Spectrum CBD Oil (bottle of 10ml). If your budget is more limited, you can opt for a MCT Broad Spectrum Vegetable Hemp Oil (with coconut oil extracts, neutral taste).

    How legal is full-spectrum CBD oil?

    Like any cannabidiol product, full-spectrum CBD oils are governed by European decree n°639 – 2014. All the CBD oils offered by 321CBD have a THC level of less than 0.2%, a guarantee absence of any psychotropic effect, in accordance with the regulations in force in France. As a reminder, the WHO expert committee notes that "CBD does not appear to have any potential for abuse and is not harmful to health" (opinion published in 2018).

    Your premium quality Full Spectrum CBD oils at 321CBD!

    321CBD offers you a wide range of Full Spectrum CBD oils, with benefits enhanced by the entourage effect. Our full-spectrum CBD oils are packed with quality hemp extracts, cannabinoids and terpenes for a soothing effect to better control your stress and anxiety and relieve your chronic pain.

    Complete documentation is available on each product, with the list of components, the plant of origin, the method of extraction, the method with which the oil was made, the concentration of CBD as well as our recommendations for use to help you make an informed choice. All of our Full Spectrum CBD oils comply with the regulations in force in France, with a THC concentration of less than 0.2%.

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